Valentine’s Day Is The Best Day To Be A Mistress

The Daily Mail claims Londoner Gweneth Lee has had over 100 affairs with married men. The 47 year-old says Valentine’s Day is the best day to be a mistress because her married lovers spend twice as much on her as they do their wives. She tells the paper; ”Married men may make a fuss of their wives on February 14th but they spend a lot more money on their mistresses. In my experience the gift to the mistress tends to cost double whatever they give to the wife, and it is far sexier. I’ve been a wife on Valentine’s Day, when I was married to my late oil executive husband, and all I can say is that being a mistress is a lot more fun. The sad truth is that monogamy is unnatural. Who decided that it was good idea to commit to one person in your 20s or 30s and then stay with them for the next 50 years? Where is the fun in that? Inevitably the sex is going to go stale.”