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Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Consistency & Best January Ever

#fitandfabulous with Bedrock Health Solutions my personal trainer and my girl @wisconsins57 Janet Cresson to discuss “Consistency & Progressions” and enjoy a FREE 31 day on-line training with Bedrock Health Solutions called “Best January Ever” sign up today! Message Hans!

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Nikki Cook Healing Trauma Through Yoga

#fitandfabulous with @kristamorningrush931jamz & @wisconsins57 “Girl-Talk” Janet Cresson. Thanks to @nikkicookyoga for stopping out to to chat “Yoga For Everbody & Yoga for Healing/Recovery” Nikki works with those who have witnessed trauma in their lives. The body reacts

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: “Sexier New” You With Contours Lingerie

❤️ Tia Lyn from Contours Lingerie to chat “sexier you” with my girl Jessa Lee Jeremiah from WI57Girl-Talk — at 93.1 Jamz.

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Rock N Glam Salon & Extensions

#fitandfabulous & #divaforaday beauty Rock N Glam Salon stopped by to chat about #extensions and how fabulous they are!!! Get ready for instant longer & Fuller hair❤️ Mention You heard about the extensions on the show and enjoy FREE installation. Also thank you to my

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: My Personal Trainer Hans Is Here To Talk About Getting Back To The Gym After An Injury

#fitandFabulous with my trainer Bedrock Health Solutions ???????? Today was all about how to get your body back on track if you have an injury! If you have questions make sure to hit up on Hans’ Fit and Fabulous

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Saline Vs. Silicone With Dr. Bartell

#fir&Fabulous with Dr. Thomas Bartell Body Recontouring Specialist and @wisconsins57 Girl-Talk❤️ Today was all about #salinebreastimplants#idealimplants #manboobs and more!!!

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Dr. Rich Talks High Heels Ladies

#fit and fabulous It’s all about the ???? ladies and the pain that comes along with them! My man Dr. Rich from New Health Chiropractic is giving us the low down on how to prevent a sore body and possible damage????. Thank

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: All About That Booty With Hans

Bedrock Health Solutions & @wisconsins57 All about the #bootybootybootyLadies if you want a firm tushy my personal trainer Hans will hook 1 lucky gal with #free #training???? when you join our Facebook group hans’ fit and fabulous ❤️ Check out @wisconsins57 “Girl-Talk” each week!

Fit & Fabulous Podcast: Aesthetic Artistry & Medspa “Coolsculpting”

All about feeling and looking fabulous with @yfrasier at Aesthetic Artistry MedSpa CoolSculpting is the hottest FAT Permanent Eliminator!!! Sometimes diet and exercise can’t always fix this. Say goodbye to the extra tire, flanks, cellulite and so much more! ???????????? Mention #kristaandthemorningrush buy 1

Fit And Fabulous Podcast: Halloween Trends With Naomi Teraye & Girl-Talk

Thank you to these 3 beautiful ladies stopping by today for #fitandfabulous Today was all about #halloweentrends with our official beauty blogger/fashion NaomiTeraye ???? Always love thrown out to my lovely WI57 Girl Talk-Wisconsin’s 57 Television