2nd Date Update



Second Date Update Podcast: Dead Fish

Getting a second date with someone is not an easy thing to do. You know what makes it worse? BEING BAD IN BED!!! Listen here to our 2nd Date Update for Lindsey after she went out and

Second Date Update Podcast: Liar Liar

Hey boys, remember that girls want to know the “real” you, and they KNOW when you are lying. Poor Conner found that hard truth out when he went out with Lindsey. She saw right through him and

Second Date Update Podcast: Flummoxed

Girls like to be pretty, but I guess some guys just don’t get that. We got an email from Alice who went on a date With Byron, but Byron just couldn’t appreciate her for who she was.

Second Date Update Podcast: Cat Lady

Cat Lady- Loving your cats s one thing, but making and running Facebook accounts for them passes you into crazy town. Clarissa just wanted her date Justin to love her cats as much as she did, but

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