2nd Date Update




Second Date Update Podcast: Manderwear

Micheal thought his date with Tori was going great, until he bent over. I guess Tori didn’t like what she saw because she wont give him another date. He knew the best way to score a 2nd


Second Date Update Podcast: Dang Mom

Jimmy took Linda out and he thought everything was going great. As usual though, his mom embarrassed him. How did Jimmy’s mom ruin his hot date? Can Jimmy score a second?


Second Date Update Podcast: Hickey Town

Denise thought James was a great guy. Until she found out she was just one of many. What made this date go from hot to “sucky”. Marco and Krista find out here on 2nd Date Update.


Second Date Update Podcast: Lick Me

There are a lot of gross things you can do on a date. No matter what you do though, you definitely cant do THIS to a girl. Unfortunately for Wayne, he did just that to Stacy.


Second Date Update: Smut On Phone

Smut on Phone- Jeremy and Michelle went out but it sounds like Jeremy had soothing a little yucky on his phone. Lets see if Michelle can ever forgive him for what she saw, and maybe Jeremy will

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