Breaking Bad News

Breaking Bad News



Second Update Podcast: Not My Kid

Breaking Bad News is never easy, thats why Marco and Krista are her to offer their unique brand of help. Thats what they are doing for Janet who needs to tell her Husband Scott that he has


Breaking Bad News Podcast: That Guy

James is just trying to be a good brother by letting his brother stay with him after a spat with his wife. But boy is James’s Brother annoying Maureen. She decided to call Marco and Krista so


Breaking Bad News Podcast: Manhunt

Flirting happens, but you don’t want to catch your boyfriend doing it on Facebook. Especially not when the people hes flirting with aren’t very much like you. Watch Amanda break some bad news to Mike and maybe


Breaking Bad News Podcast: Not Friends

Lisa has bad taste in men! At least that’s what her friends think, because they don’t want to hang out with her while she is globbing on to toxic guys. Good thing Lisa has a friend like


Breaking Bad News Podcast: Hot For Sister

Hot Sister- What do yo​​ u do when your sister is just too darn hot. Obviously you come to us to help you tell her to stop flaunting it. That’s just what Jenna did on Breaking Bad

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