Radio Recast


Radio Recast Podcast: Becca Vs. Rick

WIN seats on our Badger bus as we skip out on work and head to Six Flags Great America on July 26!!!!

Radio Recast Podcast: Troye Sivan Vs. Pump You Up

Guess the movie and score tix to the Mallards!!!! PS. GUESS WHO SUCKS BETTER?

Radio Recast Podcast: Yoddling Kid Vs. Nicholas Cage

Get ready to listen to us slaughter this movie with your chance at scoring tickets to Mt. Olympus!

Radio Recast Podcast: It’s A 3 Some

Krista, Shady and Aaron destroy this famous movie for your chance to score tickets to see “The Avengers Infinity War” at Palace! Listen to them impersonate Squidward, Skeletor, and Jaque the mouse!

Radio Recast Podcast: Borat Vs. Caillou

Shady and Krista compete with their horrible impersonations for you to score tix to “Super Troopers” premiere by guessing the movie!

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