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Relationship Rehab Podcast: Baby Name

Baby Name- Have you ever had your baby’s namesake stolen?! Well Joy did,her poor little girl has more than one person claiming to be the inspiration for her name. Joy contacted us for some advice on what

Relationship Rehab Podcast: I’m Bald

What do men think about? Girls! Obviously! Well Elliot is worried that his dating life is about to take a major hit, you see he is losing his voluptuous locks. He wants to know if women will

Relationship Rehab Podcast: Matching Tattoos

Daniel thought his relationship was rock solid, but it turns out that his girlfriend went out and got MATCHING TATTOOS with another guy! Is she being unfaithful, is he just being Jealous. Listen to the people of

Relationship Rehab Podcast: Ex Obsessed

We got an email from Kaitlin telling us about how her boyfriend was too obsessed with his friend who is getting married. They would text late into the night and were sure cuddly for a couple friends.

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