Reality Check

Reality Check

Reality Check Podcast: Revealing Your Firsts With Colton & Vinery Shade

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman share first time events with the women. Colton goes on his first group date. Everyone has to tell a personal story. Colton talks about being a virgin! Demi is going all the  way

Reality Check Podcast: Bride Squad, Shady Weight Loss, And College Cries

#RealtyCheck New Jersey Housewives Danielle Staub gets married….RUN MARTY!!! Jackie writes an article criticizing Jennifer’s parenting and Atlanta Housewives Eva dress shops and Noelle goes off to college.It’s always a good time with my girl Krista & The Morning

Reality Check Podcast: Strippers, Bridezillas, & Lots Of Crying

Say good-bye to OC for now, Boobs & Burbon, and Bridezillas!

Reality Check: All About Reunions, Fake Faces, And Sistery Brawls

Reality Check Podcast: Reality Check Old & New Faces

All Reality Show Gossip with my girl Tracy Andersonevery Thur at 7:40 with our Favorite#realhousewivesoforangecounty#realhousewivesofatlanta#realhousewivesofbeverlyhills#realhousewivesofnewjersey #gossip#entertainment #moms #madison #radio — at 93.1 Jamz.

Reality Check Podcast: This RHOC Is Having Sex 4 Times Per Day

Reality Check Podcast: Your Husband Is A Little B&tch

Did you catch Krista & The Morning Rush and I this morning!!? Colton is the new Bachelor?? Emily and Kelly “Your husband’s a dork!” and Porsha’s pregnant!!!

Reality Check Podcast: Dallas Housewives, NYC Reunion Part 3 & Gossip

#RealityCheck with my girl Krista & The Morning Rush! Dallas Housewives, NYC Reunion Part 3 and can’t wait for OC next week!!!

Reality Check Podcast: RHOD Ladies Are Back & Fighting Gloves Are On RHONY

My bestie graces the airwaves with me Tracy Anderson!!!! Talking about those crazy ladies, the housewives! Dallas and the New York Reunion! #RealityCheck

Reality Check Podcast: It’s An All Out Slam Down On Bethenny Frankel

#realitycheck Time to gossip everything “Real Housewives” with my beautiful girl Tracy Anderson❤️ Bethenny Frankel are you leaving, Gina’s Divorce, and Cynthia has a new boyfriend????