Ryan Reynolds Has the Sexiest “Sexiest Man Alive” Magazine Cover . . . Who Came in Last?


For decades, People magazine has anointed a Sexiest Man Alive, crowning a handsome man with that enviable title and putting his beautiful mug on the cover, allowing less beautiful men and women to marvel at them in supermarket checkout lines around the world. The annual celebration of the hottest man among the hottest male celebrties kicked off in 1985 with Mel Gibson. So who is the sexiest of the sexiest Men Alive?

Ryan Reynolds is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list All People's Sexiest Man Alive Covers, Ranked By Current Sexiness Standards
Photo:  People
1. Ryan Reynolds – 440 VOTES – 2010
2. Chris Hemsworth
3. Hugh Jackman
4. Idris Elba
5. Dwayne Johnson