How did your co-worker get you in trouble? #TQOTD

Today’s text question of the day is based on the fact that Steve is going to host the show for a half hour and our boss knows nothing about it. Will Connie and Fish get in trouble? Stay tuned for next episode!

How did your co-worker get you in trouble?

  • Steve. I’ve never gotten in trouble at work but I might today. Not bc of a coworker but bc of you. You are just adorable and I cannot put the show away this morning. But how can I answer questions on the phone when you’re stealing my attention
  • As a mechanical engineer designer, I get thrown under the bus all the time it feels like because no one wants to blame it on the bosses, even if it is their fault. So, since I am the lowest one on the “food chain”, I am the one that always gets blamed.
  • 2 years ago, a co-worker told my boss that a friend of mine I worked with and me were racing thru our calls and making games out of them, it backfires on her though. A day later they changed the policy for audits and she got written up for being bad at her job
  • I took video of my co-worker sleeping at the front desk and sent it to the boss
  • What if you know your coworker is doing something wrong and you are afraid to tell on them?
  • Text ?……A co-worker and I got in trouble when we got video taped talking about another co-worker who quit because of the video.
  • I worked in a kitchen and our boss and chef was a total moron. No matter what we said to Upper management they really didn’t care . we couldn’t take it any longer so we went on his computer and found proof that he was watching balloon animals while at work. He was fired the next day.
  • #questionoftheday I used to work for a place that charged 25 cents for ranch and other sauces. I always worked drive thru and never charged people cus if they asked last second at the window cus I thought it was STUPID that we charged. One time my coworker that was a brownoser caught me and told my boss and ended up making me get in huge trouble. Btw, a majority of people did this except for them and of course I was the only one that got chewed out.
  • Stopped at the gas station I worked at part time with my then girlfriend, and the cashier asked me to cover her smoke break. I told her I couldn’t and she said “I cover yours!!” My girlfriend thought I had quit.( I was down to a few a day) That was a long night.
  • Text question of the day. Long story short….I was reported to HR because we didn’t end up getting pizza. And yes i had to have a meeting about toxic work environments. ????. #really? #yesreally. #firstworldproblems
  • Get thrown under the bus all the time by coworkers ,I work with like 40 women, I’m so used to it that I automatically say go ahead and blame me because I don’t care. Love to look at them and simply say” have a nice day”. BIOTCH
  • Anonymous please. TQOTD. She was on a power trip. She got me written up for insubordination for going above and beyond for a customer. She “tattled” because I offered to mail something to a customer that was supposedly against policy. BS
  • We were on a business trip and at the hotel bar they asked for a room # and last name for the check, I gave our bosses. The next week the boss mentioned a large bar tab on he wasn’t sure was his. My co worker started laughing and sold me out. I didn’t get in huge trouble but that tab did get switched to my expense line. We also never told each other our room #’s when traveling again.
  • Me and and a co worker got in trouble racing the Hi-los because goody two shoes on the floor told on us!
  • My husband got a guy fired for smoking weed on lunch. They were going to put him on heavy machinery and so he told their boss the guy smokes weed on lunch. The following Friday after lunch he got walked to the office after lunch and had to take a drug test. He failed. Lol
  • I posted a meme that said “I’d tell you to go to hell but I work there everyday” on my Facebook and someone told my boss, needless to say she wasn’t very happy????