What were some signs that you found “The One”? #TQOTD

We want you to go back to that moment when you realized your partner was the one.  What was the sign that let you know he or she was it!?

What were some signs that you found “The One”?

  • TQOTD: Hip-hip-hip-hip-hippopotamus.
  • I knew he was the ONE when he looked into my eyes
  • Well since I didn’t find anyone else between when we broke up in ‘96 and found each other again in ‘03 and when we did fell right back into our old routine like those 7 years didn’t happen we knew the other was “The One” and we married 2 years later ❤️
  • That’s easy, when I let my guard down 100%. Plain and simple. If I drop my guard completely until I met her.
  • #TQOTD I wanted to marry him even though I said I’d never get married again, plus I love him even when I’m soooooo flipping mad at him. He’s my sweet bad boy.
  • Early on, maybe our 5th date or so, my daughter had croup. in lieu of flowers he bought a humidifier for her….he hadnt met my kids and wouldn’t for quite some time.
  • I can’t get enough time with him. The aura around us is just beautiful. We found each other in very dark times for both of us, his gf of 8 years broke up with him, I just left my husband of 9 years, and we saved each other and built each other up.
  • We are such opposites that we complement each other and it works we’ve been married for almost 34 years
  • My wife used to rub my feet while we were dating after working 12 hour shifts
  • When we are arguing and I get this weird feeling because I love him so much and instead of wanting to punch him in the eye I just smile because he’s so stinking handsome… also pretty sure he hates me
  • TQOTD: My boyfriend and I were friends for about a year before we started dating. Once we started dating I knew immediately that he was “the one.” in previous relationships I never really cared if my mom likes them or if they fit in with my family, but he fits in with my family so well that it was one of those things that you don’t you know you want it until you have it. We fit perfectly into each other’s families. he goes out of his way to do extra things for me all the time, even without asking. I think he’s one of the few”real gentleman” this generation has. He’s my best friend and I love being around him.
  • 1. He grounds me. When I get I get to i my head and anxiety takes me over. 2. He encourages me. He helped me get through college and graduate. I don’t think I could have without him. 3. Even though we are married he still encourages me to be independent. 4. He makes me feel safe and loved.
  • I have been married for almost 22 years and the signs that my husband was the one were his persistence in asking me out, he asked twice before I said yes, he loved my kids and my kids loved him, his eyes melted my heart the first time he said ‘I love you’ and when I felt my heart say he is it even if he has no butt. I like a nice butt on guys and my husband had the flattest one ever when we met. I know that sounds shallow but I was one year out of a horrible marriage that gave me my two wonderful kids so I was thinking pretty shallow in terms of dating so I was looking at nice butts first. I didn’t date before my husband because I was being so shallow.
  • #tqotd- sign I knew he was the one, we started dating and I waited about 4 months until I introduced him to my daughter, at about month 3 my daughter had to get her appendix out in emergency surgery. He waited until my daughter was asleep after surgery to bring a full goody bag for her to wake up from surgery to. As well as a full bag of clothes, bathroom, and shower stuff so I could feel a little better since he knew I wasnt leaving her side to go home and get them. 2 weeks later after 4 long months they met each other and he loves her just as much as me.
  • I knew my husband was the one because, we had only been together for 1 month, and my father had passed, and he was willing to possibly lose his job, cause he left there to be with me. Been together 13 years, and married for 8 years next month. Couldn’t be happier.
  • Signs I found the one- we met in high school and he rubbed my feet in geometry class. Doesn’t do it much anymore but hey
  • I’m not sure about knowing he’s the one, but I knew I had fallen madly in love when we were sitting around a camp fire with his family roasting s’mores and he had all of them dying of laughter. Everything about that moment was perfect. He’s still the funniest, quirky man and I love him. Hopefully it’s a forever kind of love
  • We were at work, it was before we started dating… I was chatting with my Service Team, which he was apart of. We suddenly locked eyes, and the look he gave me, I will never forget ♥️. I knew then we were meant to be together
  • I knew he was the one when he allowed me to follow my dreams move 800 miles away to play college ball and he stayed by me. He was willing to put off having kids and starting a family for me to follow my dreams #thebestmanever
  • When I realized that even in the moments when I was so mad at him and didn’t really like him (still loved him but didn’t like him… there’s a big difference!) he was the only one I wanted to talk to about it.
  • I have always dreamed about getting married and finding the one. With past relationships I feel like I made myself believe that there were signs when there weren’t. But I have seen what the right signs look like with my wonderful fiancé. He was different from the others. He treated me like a princess and actually wanted to post stuff of us on social media and take pictures of us. We even have the same thoughts and ideas all the time. It’s like we are the same person <3
  • I used to have girlfriends where I always lost in fights or always felt bad whenever we did fight but when I went I met my wife after our first fight I thought to myself I could definitely fight with this check for the rest my life that’s how I knew
  • The one??? Maybe I’ll know one day. Idk I think my “one” got lost somewhere. Unless my one is tacos. I do love tacos. And they never disappoint
  • After being in a relationship with my husband for around 6 months, we were on a date at Michigan’s Adventure and I started my “lady’s days” unexpectedly. I had a massive stain on my pants that I didn’t realize but my husband did when he was inevitably checking out my ass. He said, “Hey, why don’t we take a bathroom break before we wait in the long line for Shivering Timbers.”
  • I thought it was a good idea but freaked out in the bathroom. I didn’t have change for the machine in the bathroom and there weren’t any other women in the bathroom I could ask. So I made a pad out of toilet paper and told my husband, “Hey, I’m not feeling good and we need to go.” I could just tell that he knew what happened because…stain…and finally told him the truth. So we left the park and that man went into the store, got me my stuff so I wouldn’t be further embarrassed and came back with chocolate. 5 years later, we’re married with 2 kids and 1 on the way.
  • It was my 9th birthday. I saw him from across the yard. There were other pretty guys around him but my heart was set on him for the most simple reason, the patch on his eye and I knew exactly what I wanted to name him. My dog Patches was an amazing companion for 14 years before he passed away a year ago. He will always be my first and greatest love and my fiancé is okay with that thankfully
  • I knew my hubby was the one when I realized no matter how bad things seemed, he could make me laugh and feel better. Also no matter how big am ass he can be, he is my dumbass.
  • My husband and I met online 🙂 I knew he was a keeper when we met in person for the first time I went to his house in Chicago and that weekend I got the worst flu of my life…ever. instead of being like nope girl you have to go he took care of me. Held an ice pack on my head, held my hair back when I got sick, and rubbed my body with a cold towel! Also, he said it wasn’t a big deal it was normal. I knew that I wasn’t letting him go!!!
  • She put up with me and wanted to swing
  • I knew she was the one after my first bite. Damn I love cheeseburgers
  • TQOTD… I got pregnant LOL we have been together 22 years
  • A sign, my hubby took four hours to check me out. He just looked at my face while we talked for that time. Then about two hours later he put his arms around me and it just felt like home. That’s how I knew
  • I knew my wife was the one, back before we were even together. She had a boyfriend at the time but never wanted to spend time with her. So one day we all went to the movies, of course her man didn’t want to go. It was her, her friend and me. We sat next to each other, I wanted her so bad but she said no I still have a boyfriend. So since she wouldn’t cheat on her man I knew she was the one. About a week later we started dating and have been together for 17 years and married for 11!!!! Life is great!
  • I know my boyfriend is the one because he pushes me to do all the things I don’t think I can. We are TOTAL opposites, but he pulls me out of my shell, and I help to balance his crazy tendencies.
  • TQOTD: How did I know? My dog liked him.