Who Was Your Favorite Teacher and Why? – #TQOTD

School’s back for most kids this week and that means they’ll have new teachers.  So, we wanted to know who your favorite teacher was and why?

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

  • Mr. Hanmer Choir teacher, was there to bring out my quiet confidence and make me feel like I could sing better than we all knew I was capable of ???? And he made it possible for our choir to represent the state of MI in Paris my senior year ????
  • Mr. Hunter – high school English and Drama teacher. He challenged me, which in my school in a tiny town wasn’t always the case. A lot of people were not a fan of his classes because they were “hard”, I 100% loved and appreciated the challenge.
  • I had a few actually… My 5th grade teacher Mrs. Collar, then in high school Mrs. Klump for English, and then later her daughter joined the team and I took a creative writing class with Kris Klump-Ward… Great teachers for sure!! Mr. Bender for science was also amazing! I am not a fan of anything science, but he made the class so intriguing, I took science with him all four years of high school, ending with AP Bio.
  • Danette Gesler gave me confidence in myself and my abilities, she made me feel comfortable even outside of my comfort zone:) I will be eternally grateful to her for all she has taught me❤️
  • My favorite teacher was our band director Mr. Burek. He taught me music from 5th grade until I graduated. I love just about ALL music and I feel a huge part of that is due to him. He retired a few years ago after 25 years at the school. A big amount of his students showed up at his final concert with their instruments and we played the fight song with him one last time and threw him a surprise retirement party in our cafeteria. It was so cool to get to go back to my high school and get to play with everyone again!
  • My favorite teacher was Me. Bolhuis at Hudsonville HS. He was so passionate and really cared. If we wanted to do better in class, he would go out of his way to do everything he could to help, answer questions during lunch, give extra credit…etc.
  • I can’t pick one favorite teacher, my two favorites were Mrs. Hudson and Mr. Parmenter and they were my favorites for the same reason, they taught my favorite class, band. Mrs. Hudson was my middle school band teacher and Mr. Parmenter was my high school band teacher.
  • Mr. Schnotala. I loved English and this guy has a light, a spark that just pulls you in. 9th grade English
  • Hi Connie and fish I am a student in high school and I started school tomorrow favorite teacher is I actually have three favorite teachers there names is Mrs.phillips, Mrs.russell, Mrs.roberts I have been though a lot of with school and my grandma and they have helped me out side of school
  • My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher his name was Mr. Meyer. He taught a East Kelloggville elementary. He was a lot of fun we got to play cool games on Fridays before the weekend started. And I used to get in a lot of trouble on the playground doing stuff I wasn’t supposed to so I had detention for recess and he would always sit through recess and talk to me about fishing he was an avid fisherman and loved to tell stories about fishing.
  • My favorite teacher was Mrs. Brady from Douglas Elementary. She was amazing, she helped me adjust to my first year there. She was also the teacher that I had when I was a teacher’s aid for 3 years in a row during high school, and was very supportive when my dad passed my senior year of high school. She has even had my daughter for a class that offers extra assistance in reading.
  • My favorite teacher in high school was Mrs. Potter. She was my math teacher she was the only teacher that made me understand it in 10th grade. She was so awesome and gave you her time if needed.
  • Mr. Daab from Holland high school he was my choir teacher. But he was so much more with out him I wouldn’t have graduated. I struggled in high school and he always had my back and he was and is an amazing person.
  • My favorite teacher was Mr. Hieshetter. He taught history. He was my favorite, because he taught us all the things they don’t put in the normal history books. Including all the bad things we (USA) did during WW2. I appreciated the honesty, and it taught me to question everything and try to look at things objectively. He also taught me that it is possible to condemn war, as well as the acts that are perpetrated in the name of war, and still support our Troops and Veterans.
  • Three teachers
  • First grade Mrs. Sherrick
  • Second grade Mrs. Demetrio used to take us outside play her guitar and sing
  • High school Mr. Misano. Science teacher if it wasn’t for him I would not have graduated
  • TQOTD: Favorite grade school teacher used to be all of them except two (one wasn’t helpful and was there only because the school really needed a teacher for that grade, and the other embarrassed kids in front of the class for their mistakes)
  • My favorite teacher…Mr. Lawrence. He instilled in me a love of social studies and geography. Still an amazing man.
  • TQOTD: Favorite grade school teacher used to be all of them except two (one wasn’t helpful and was there only because the school really needed a teacher for that grade, and the other embarrassed kids in front of the class for their mistakes)
  • Yeah at this stage I’m evaluating my kids’ teachers
  • Mrs Westlund is the best 4th grade teacher ever… 4th graders are sassy and smelly and she loves on them with the perfect balance of grace and authority!
  • Mrs. Whitaker, my kindergarten teacher. She rented a full mayflower semi truck and let our kindergarten class reenact the landing of the Mayflower in the parking lot outside the school. Then we got to eat a full Thanksgiving dinner in class afterwards using seashells. Best Thanksgiving ever.
  • Mr Brown in jh he blew up his science lab every year at least once
  • Favorite Teacher — Sister Vitalis, she was from Switzerland the kids could understand her but our parents couldn’t. Her accent was so thick didnt have to worry about our parents understanding what she said if we were in trouble. Lol
  • Mr. X is the fake name that I will give my teacher. He was my high school LEARN a language teacher and we dated 5 years after I graduated (he was 7 years older then me). He truly is the love of my life and I wish I had dated him now (10 years after graduating) because I am sure we would be getting married