Why Are You Burned Out? – #TQOTD

This is an easy question today…  Straight up, why are you burnt, bro?

Why are you burned out???

  • If I could see anything at all it would be Zenyatta winning the Breeders Cup Classic. Way bigger deal in racing than the Kentucky Derby. First female to do so ever. She was incredible. Still get goosebumps seeing it. #Girlpower
  • I WISH I could go back in time to the night one of my best friends confronted me because she could tell I was upset with her. I chose to tell her the truth about how her previous actions had hurt me and a few other things. Since then our friendship has been ruined because she could not handle someone telling her something negative. After months of therapy on my end and then sending her an apology I received a very nasty message back not accepting my apology. You bet I wish I could go back and never tell her those things! I should of kept it to myself but that is not how I live my life
  • When Gutenberg invented the printing press! Look at the history that could be saved! Reading print is almost obsolete, with all the modern technology!
  • Queens performance at Live Aid!! Sure the rest also but Queen!!!
  • Family reunion’s
  • Woodstock- I was not thought of and my parents were not part of the rock music lifestyle. I would love to experience the music and summer of love.
  • Princess Diana’s wedding!!! How amazing would that have been to witness!!!
  • It’s not really an event but I’d go back and help Nikola Tesla become the leader in electric power.
  • Opening day at Disney World. Woodstock. Live Aid. Or, I would go back and prevent the assassination of Lincoln or JFK, just to see how the world would change if either had lived.
  • 1965 Worlds Fair in New York. Because it was so fascinating for me at 8 years old! I talked to Goofy!
  • What would I event I would want to go to is my 9th and 10th year for high school because now that I am senior in high school I have to take 8 class and I do have time to take classes that I don’t want to I can’t take art or choir class this I have to take two science class history class and Spanish and math and English and basic skills
  • I’d go back to 2010 and spend all of my graduation money on bitcoin at $4 a piece and sell them all at $20,000 so I would be retired now at 27 with 8 million dollars
  • Tearing down the wall in Berlin in 1989 with the concerts and everything, would have been amazing
  • The ministry of Jesus so I could have a word or two with that man.
  • Now I don’t exactly want to participate but the one event I want to go back to is to see is who Jack the ripper really was and if the killer did move to the United States and begin the killing spree again.
  • The big bang
  • Michael Jackson, super bowl half time show
  • would like to see Elvis 🕺 in his younger days in concert.
  • The day that Ronald Reagan became president because to me he was the best
  • I want to go back to the 20s and go to one of the roaring 20s Gatsby parties!
  • mom says ” we don’t talk about the mafia”
  • I would like to be present in the signing of the constitution of the United States
  • I am a fire fighter and I would want to go back to 9-11 and save more people if I could
  • Boston tea party
  • #tqod I think it would be interesting to go back to the 50’s and 60’s. There was so much happening in entertainment, politics, and technology that it’s hard to pick one
  • TQOTD. If I could go back in time, I would go back to December 2012 and urge my mom to go to the doctor so she could have been treated for bacterial meningitis before going into a coma and losing her remaining hearing. She’s never heard my youngest son’s voice and she misses music so much.
  • TQOTD: I’d go see Live Aid. After seeing Bohemian Rhapsody I’d really like to see queen live.
  • I would like to go back in time to meet my dads grandfather. I have done my genealogy and on that side of the family it stops with him.
  • TQOTD I would go back and buy all the Apple stock I could BAM I AM MILLION AIR !
  • Times Square 1945 on V-E day – just to be part of the celebration to mark the end of the conflict in Europe – can’t even imagine the feeling felt across the country
  • The event I would attend would be my grandparents wedding. They were together almost 58 years before my grandpa passed away and the love they had for each other after almost 58 I would love to see and be at their actual wedding. The most beautiful couple and love I’ve ever seen.
  • TQOTD I’d go back to the day Hilter took over Germany and blow his frogging brains out
  • Is braking your Virginity an event? Lol..I want a redo…
  • Woodstock!!! Balloon animals, drugs, rock n roll. Maybe I would run into Connie there and we could … could ….
  • My conception