Has eBay been hacked? Online auctioneer’s email logo becomes NAKED woman sparking stunned users to joke about site’s ‘bold’ new avatar


Users of eBay were left wondering whether or not the site has been hacked after the online auctioneer’s logo was replaced with a picture of a naked woman.

Baffled buyers and sellers took to social media to share their confusion over the ‘bold’ new avatar which could be seen on emails from the site.

Dozens of people said updates they received in their inboxes after placing orders were accompanied by the naked icon.

Twitter user @chlo_imrie shared the shot of a topless woman, adding: ‘Umm @eBay wtf is this why is this your email picture?’

Gavin Storey said: ‘Little bit concerned by the profile image @eBay have decided to use on their email address. Certainly not something I’ve done, so might be worth looking at on their end, I reckon…’

Liz Grogan said of the image: ‘Is that for real?? I mean, I’m sure she’s lovely, but not what I was expecting with an email about a baby product I want to buy.’

Tahinawrites wrote: ‘Is ebay being hacked?? I just received emails from ebay with an inappropriate profile picture?!! This is unacceptable. #ebay #disgusting.’

And jackedonija said: ‘Why is the eBay email profile picture porn.’

While oldmrbeerface tweeted: ‘Ebay’s new email avatar is bold, I’ll give them that.’

It is not yet clear why the image – which began circulating last week – appeared in emails.

One possible reason behind the icon could be that the image was accidentally added while the app was undergoing maintenance, reports the BBC.

Most of the emails with the icon on seem to have been from last week, however people were still asking eBay why the icon was on their screens this weekend.

An eBay spokesman told one customer: ‘Well, this is a little embarrassing! We’re very sorry you’ve received this but don’t worry we have no reason to believe your account has been compromised in any way and we’re actively investigating this matter with Microsoft – one of our email service providers.’

MailOnline has contacted Microsoft for comment.