What’s The Coolest Life Hack That You Know? – #TQOTD

Today we wanted to know what you do to make life a little easier.  So we asked you what the coolest life hack you know for our #TQOTD.

Before we get to the lifehacks that you sent in, Steve shared a couple.  First he said he puts old newspaper or other garbage paper in the bottom of his trash so that his trash bag juice doesn’t leak.  And second he said that he tapes his daughter’s door knob open so she can’t lock herself in her room.

OK, now on to your answers.

What’s the coolest life hack that you know?

  1. Connie i work at a hotel and our sheets are white but we use peroxide to get blood out of our sheets
  2. Uhhh life hack Steve: get a stronger trash bag
  3. Coolest life hack: laughing for 15 minutes has the same health benefits as sleeping for extra two hours.
  4. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath works wonders on showers and tubs!
  5. A little bit of Birch bark is an amazing fire starter and charcoal grill chimney starter and it smells amazing. No more need for lighter fluid or paper and it gets you out intro the woods to harvest it. The more rotten the tree the easier the harvesting.
  6. Norwex enviro clothes and glass clothes. Work amazing!!! The paste they sell gets almost everything off!!
  7. Throw small chunks of turkey and broth into your store box stuffing mix and nobody will know it was from a box… Worked like a charm for the last 10+ years.
  8. Just got my first Norwex for glass and mirrors, wish I had it years ago
  9. Use old washcloths to swiffer the floor they are reusable. I also clean my walls twice a year with my swiffer and old washcloths. Saves from climbing ladders/stools and doing it all by hand. Plus it gets the job done faster.
  10. Metal spoon, run under hot water (until as tolerable you can touch), press on mosquito bite and hold. It’ll stop itching and most likely wont come back.
  11. Besides the best blue Dawn; styrofoam pool noodles cut in half and use in tall boots to keep them looking new and dryer sheets to clean dust from screens.
  12. Blue dawn dish soap works wonders on freeze stains in laundry…also helps with fleas on dogs, that stuff is magic!
  13. My mama told me when I was younger that if you ever get a plantars wart on your foot grab a dirty washcloth from the shower and put it on your foot and then hide the washcloth and the wart will go away! I had a plantars wart on my foot in my teens and did that and yep it disappeared
  14. Pretend your sleeping and your “not it” to take the dog out early in the morning ????
  15. Taking a nap can help you forget about the mountain of laundry that needs folding!!!
  16. Instead of expensive bedrails for kids stick a pool noodle under the sheet
  17. If your hands smell like onions, rub them on a stainless steel sink or a spoon under cold water and BOOM! No more onion nastiness.
  18. Dawn dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Make into a tinnier paste for skunk spray on your dogThis combo also works on showers/tubs for soap scum
  19. Spray your mirrors and windows with glass cleaner and wipe with newspaper to avoid streaks.????????
  20. Sleep all day that way you avoid any responsibility’s. #lifehack
  21. When your grey roots are growing out use mascara to cover them! Works perfect till your next hair appt!
  22. I use dawn dish soap in my hair once a month to get rid of the greasiness
  23. Removed permanent marker off a toys And walls using a toothpaste
  24. You can make hard boiled eggs in a coffee maker
  25. Remove permanent marker with dry erase markers.
  26. Dryer sheets for frizzy/ staticy hair
  27. My favorite life hack is something I’ve done for 10 years. My whole family has a cell, I created a grocery list on my cell and shared it with everyone.  When something is needed from the store it’s put on the list. So when I am at the store I always have the list with me and check off the item after it’s purchased.
  28. Open a banana upside down by simply pinching the end-so much easier
  29. My hack: when I make deviled eggs put all the ingredients in a Ziploc bag and then smash them all together. Once it’s all mixed then you cut the corner off bag and you squirt it out. When you’re done throw the bag out no mess.
  30. Distilled white vinegar is a multi purpose cleaner. It can be used in laundry and actually softens clothes. You can wash with it and it takes away underarm smell
  31. Vick’s vapor rub behind the ears helps to drain them when plugged up when your sick.
  32. Apple cider vinegar and water can cut heartburn. 1tblsp in water. 4) clear glue or nail polish placed on a run in pantyhose or a crack in the windshield will stop it from spreading.
  33. For bloodstains-put either regular hand soap or dish soap on the stain rub it in, then run it under cold water. Then let it soak in the cold water for a day or two. Then wash it normally
  34. use cloth rags instead of paper towels to wash your windows because paper will scratch your glass
  35. Save your potato water. If you bake or make pancakes and waffles, use the potato water. It keeps it moist.
  36. there are natural ways to get rid of insects out of your home. Like spices. Ants don’t like pepper. Some bugs don’t like mint
  37. TQOTD. When cleaning windows, wipe horizontally on one side and vertically on the other so when they dry and if there are streaks, you can tell which side.
  38. I cut birthday cake with dental floss. It’s awesome!
  39. The coolest hack I know is how to unclog a drain with a 2 liter of Coke pour it in overnight and then run hot water in the morning the coke eats through everything even hair another reason why I won’t drink it
  40. I also have a great life hack for u!! U can buy a bottle of awesome from the dollar store and spray it on any stain on u laundry and it takes it out the blue dawn dish soap also works wonders!!!
  41. Clorox pre-wash spray gel will take out any spots, including blood and ink from pens left in your husband’s pockets. Just sayin..
  42. Best life hack for parents of elementary kids: My 4th grader brings home a “planner” from school EVERY NIGHT that requires my signature. It is a list of what they did in class all day…. I’m a good mom and I am sincerely interested in my child’s education. BUT she acts like life ends if she doesn’t
  43. Did you know if your eyes hurt while cutting onions, stick your tongue out a little. Then your eyes won’t hurt! The enzyme goes to moisture so if your tongue is out, you’ll taste onion on your tongue but your eyes will stop hurting!
  44. Greatest life hack! Pouring liquor into my 20 oz pop bottle. Boom! Can take that bitch anywhere. ????????
  45. Use a plastic bread bag clip to keep you flip flop strap from going thru the hole.