Fill In The Blank: I Did BLANK And Then I Was Fired – #TQOTD

It’s a fill in the blank Friday with Connie and Fish. Just to give you an example of an answer for today’s #TQOTD, here is what Steve said: “I got caught making out with my bosses ex-girlfriend at the bar and then I was fired.” Good one, right?

Fill in the Blank: I did BLANK and then I was fired

  • Made a joking comment about “Stabbing the HR Manager in The Back” to a “real friend” co-worker. The BLEEPER went right to HR to report it. I was escorted out the door a few days later by two “Sheriffs” for violation of the “Company Violence Policy”. Having that on my record has cost me three jobs.
  • I did my job the best and then I was fired because I couldn’t do it two more hours a week. That’s right. I got let go because I could work 38 hours per week and not 40 hours. Even though most of the time I was playing solitaire. Sound logic on that one.
  • I gave the owner a two-week notice, he became angry and fired me immediately (because he did that, I was able to collect unemployment).
  • I did ask for Sundays off when I was waiting tables then I was fired.
  • I did light a candle and then I was fired because my boss has asthma that I didn’t know about
  • Ohhh I’ve never been fired… Ooooh knock on wood! Dammm
  • I told my boss to do her job…I was let go the next day
  • I Called my new manager an assface on Facebook and Then I was fired.
  • I called my boss a B… cause she was!
  • I told my boss to get his hands off me
  • Opened my mouth
  • Had a baby
  • Turned in our branch manager for sitting in her office NOT helping anyone and dodging customers. Being a fat lazy b!
  • When I was 19 I showed up to work hungover an got fired!! Like severely hungover. But it was my last day there anyway so I didn’t care!!
  • I told a co-worker the president got a $10,000 bonus… this was just before the company told the parents of adults with disabilities they couldn’t pay the adults with disabilities what their work was worth. They said I was fired I told them no I quit. I don’t want to work for a company that steals from disabled people to line the pockets of the top dogs.
  • I was fired at a factory and I clocked in and ran out to park my car bc I knew I was running late. I was young and dumb. Tried to outsmart the system. I got caught.
  • I went on the best vacation of my life and I was fired for sleeping the second day back
  • I didn’t get fired but was told I could get fired if I told a transgender person I was conservative
  • I worked for a personal injury attorney very briefly. Soon after I disclosed I was pregnant and just before 5 p.m. on a Friday, the office manager said they didn’t have the workload to justify keeping me on staff. It was a blessing in disguise because that opened the door for me to get into my career path.
  • I had a stroke and got fired well laid off. I was “damaged goods”. It only affected my memory I can’t always remember unless I write it down. I boarded on having a photographic memory before
  • Sang
  • I came out as gay and got fired
  • I’ve never been fired. But I have fired a few people in the 6 months that I’ve owned my business
  • I went to my boss with an Ethics concern and was fired. only to find out later he was the Violator
  • Dang the song Take this job and shove I ain’t working here no more As I was taking my meat dept apron off
  • I Did not allow the owner’s son short change me on my check or let his sidechick talk like a sausage at me while his GF sat at the front desk watching. Oooppps let your secret slip… my baddddd.
  • Tell my boss he was an ugly Bleep Bleep Bleepy head
  • I balloon animaled my coworker inside a brand new vehicle. We got caught. I got fired. He didn’t because he had worked there for years and I didn’t.