Tell Us A Secret You Are Keeping – #Secrets

We are taking things back to the basics with today’s #Secrets segment. Instead of asking you a question, we just want to hear any old secret you have been keeping.

What do you Secretly wish your sig other would do differently???

  • I’m not okay. Everybody thinks i am. But no one realizes how close to the edge i really am.
  • My secret is I bought my sister a ticket to a PostSecret event in July ❤️❤️❤️.
  • I’m secretly in love with my girlfriend but I”m afraid to tell her yet.
  • My wife is pregnant with our first kid and we can”t tell anyone yet
  • My secret would be that I am engaged to my lovely boyfriend. However, I have a deep crush and fantasize about my female coworker all the time.
  • #secrets.. Getting married in 6 months…. To be announced soon
  • I put on smile at work but I’m not a uber fan of my fake co workers. I’m trying to keep the peace.
  • I’ve been seeing someone else and my boyfriend doesn’t know.I don’t want to be with my boyfriend anymore
  • My secret is that when I was in third grade. I got my teacher fired for saying that she was smoking in class. She wasn’t. She was just a Bitch
  • My husbands cousin is getting divorced. This is bad news because I had a betting pool and I lost
  • When I was 12 years I always played with my mom’s jewelry when she wasn’t home. I lost her wedding ring and to this day she doesn’t know it was me. She thinks she lost it.
  • Shortly after I had my twins I backed out of a parking spot and scraped someone”s bumper. I just kept going. I was so numb with exhaustion it took me a minute to realize what happened. It was pretty hard a hit and run. Oops!
  • My brother and I were messing around in the garage and scratched our dads limited edition Shelby Cobra and when he asked us what happened we blamed our dogs for jumping on it. He believed us.
  • My secret is that I’m in love with my co worker. The only thing is that she’s 40 and I’m 24
  • I often have dreams of my husband dying. What does that mean?!
  • I Act Smart Around My Friends When I Am Dumber Then Them And They Believe Me
  • Here’s a secret. 25% of my time at work is actual work. The rest is facebook and sexting. Ps I’m a chick
  • My wife is pregnant with fetus, but it’s still too early to tell anyone.
  • I dated my husband’s brother before I meet him and he doesn’t know
  • I have an audition at a strip club Friday afternoon for a position as a “dancer”
  • I’m still in love with my ex boyfriend. We split a year and a half ago and I still can’t let go. He reached out recently after his last relationship ended and I kinda hope he misses me as much as I miss him.
  • #secrets Let me preface this by saying I never had a relationship with the man I thought was my biological father Ok so I recently found out the man I thought was my biological father is not and that I also have a half sister because of this. Now I’m struggling with the decision of contacting this man or this woman! Hows that for a secret #dna=Pandora’sbox
  • Secrets: My coworker (who we all hate) has told our whole department that her 3 children were conceived via a sperm donor. Her and her husband’s family have NO idea. WHY WOULD YOU TELL US THAT
  • My secret : I don’t think my relationship with my fiancé is working anymore. So much has changed in the past year.
  • Secrets! I’m holding onto my last relationship. I just got out of a 3.5 year relationship a little over a month ago and it’s really hard to let go.
  • My boyfriend and I have been struggling to pay bills and the house payment. Each month I put money into a savings account and I’m not willing to use it for bills. It’s not that I don’t love him I just want to be prepared if something were to happen between us
  • Currently I am lying to my employer, they think I am still pumping for breastfeeding my daughter, but I dried up weeks ago. But I’m still taking that extra twenty break, and my pumping bag now only hold snacks instead of milk and pumping equipments. Company’s take advantage of the worker all the time this is just me taking advantage of the company. Sorry not sorry
  • I’m a 50-year-old married woman and very attracted to a 31-year-old coworker. He acknowledged our attraction one day by grabbing me and kissing me. Now when I see him at work I can’t get a thing done
  • Secret: i fantasize about the food people post online more than having a woman in bed
  • I’ve been married to my husband for 20 years. A year-and-a-half ago we started a relationship with another woman all three of us are together. Its more than sex, which is great.. about having that extra person to support you and love you and help you when things go wrong
  • I sext with my supervisor and also with someone twice my age. My husband seems to have given up on our marriage can I talk to him so many times about it and we’ve gone to counseling… I’m tired of not feeling wanted by him. Idk what else to do.