What Grudge Are You Holding Right Now? – #TQOTD

We pretty much came to the conclusion that it isn’t healthy to hold a grudge… But on that note, let’s get to the grudges ya’ll are holding.

Do you think it’s healthy to hold a grudge? If so what is yours?

  • It kind of depends on the the definition of a grudge. I’ve been accused of holding a grudge for not allowing people back in my life after an apology. I call it bounderies, but you know… As long as it isn’t an all-consuming, revenge-filled, consistent negative thoughts and feelings, I have no issue with it. If you feel the need to fill every waking moment of how someone did you wrong, and you hurt your own mental state with it, that is obviously not healthy.
  • No way. Sometimes things will stick around for a while, but you really have to just forgive someone, in order to move on happily in your life. Whether it’s in person or you decide in your head to forgive. It just feels better. This also does not mean that you have to let that person back in your life, but it does mean that they no longer have control over you, and that is a wonderful feeling!
  • May or may not be healthy but it happens and I have and do. ‍♀️ I’m not perfect and sometimes I just want to be Petty AF
  • Not even close to healthy but sometimes you can’t help it when you’ve been hurt beyond measure.
  • Some things are far too horrible to be forgotten or forgiven. Is it healthy to be consumed by the “grudges” you have in the negative direction? Probably not. But sometimes remembering and not forgiving people also brings out the best in you too and encourages your ambitions because it shows you the type of person you don’t want to be..
  • I am holding a grudge against my real father he has not been a very great dad to me in the past and right after my graduation party back a few years back he told me when I wanted to be a better daughter I could come find him so since then I haven’t really talked to him
  • I hold a grudge against my father. He abandoned me when I was little and he mentally screwed me over my whole life. I finally told him off last year and I’ve been so much better since for it. But I still do hold the hurt. It’s not ideal but it is what it is
  • No. They get free rent in your head, and it affects your thoughts not theirs. Forgive one another as God Forgave us.
  • Nope, forgiveness is for yourself. You need to let go and just continue to choose happiness in your own life and let them live theirs.
  • It is never healthy to hold a grudge. It only hurts you
  • To an extent. I kind of hold a grudge against a former friend bc she asked me to do something unethical and borderline illegal, and it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back after years of messed-up events.
  • Not healthy to hold a grudge. Just tell me people face to face and be the better person!
  • I know it’s unhealthy but I always hold a grudge! If you do me wrong—you are dead to me!!
  • I don’t feel that it’s healthy at all! Holding a grudge can control your life at times. I have learned from the past not to hold grudges! I have been angry at people for hurting me but it took time and have gotten over the hurt.
  • Is it healthy absolutely not however depends on what exactly happened to upset that person so much on weather or not there moving on process will be easy or a long and much more difficult and harder issue for them to get over I feel like depending on the damage sometimes a grudge is just part of a traumatic moving on process
  • Not healthy, but definitely guilty of it at times…..especially when someone messes with my kids.
  • No. Forgive so you can move on. You don’t have to forget
  • No it is not, but for some people it is the only way they have “control”in their life
  • I think its healthy to walk away from toxic people, even I’d they are your family. Over 2 years ago I walked away from mine #DantheDick
  • I don’t think I hold grudges it takes too much effort to stay upset.
  • Grudges are VERY unhealthy. Causes anxiety, anger and wasted time. Currently do not have a grudge, nor will I.. I just ghost lol I’m not dealing with it.
  • It is healthy if it protects your inner peace. Sometimes we need to know when to let go of people or things
  • I’m gonna say that my boyfriend of 10 years has an unwarranted grudge against me bc i ditched him last year in February on Valentine’s then again on my bday,vso hes been self sabotaging our relationship right now bc of what i did LAST year. Cmon dude get over it or ill be out having fun without you AGAIN. Its making him paranoid and insane. SUPER UNHEALTHY
  • TQOTD: I hold a grudge against my biological father. He passed away 2 months ago but that doesn’t change the fact the and my mom divorced when I was a baby. We never had contact until I reached out and found him when I was 17. After reaching out I found out that he was pretty much a loser. I don’t think that excuses the fact that he was adult enough to make a baby but not adult enough to EVER be a father. I’m 40 years old now and went those forty years with no birthday wishes, no father/son memories and hold a grudge against this selfish sperm donor. No, it’s not healthy to hold a grudge and maybe since he’s gone now, I can move forward. IDK.
  • So in my opinion holding a grudge is not healthy especially with someone your close to or love. If you have a grudge with them and somthing bad happens to them or the pass god forbid you don’t whant that to be the last memory you have of them. I use to hold grudges for months and I found myself to be angrier to other people that in had no issues with. My ex is keeping my newborn son from me. I don’t know the name,sex, or when it was born and I don’t hate her or have a grudge with her. I just would rather not trust her anymore than have a grudge.
  • I would say absolutely not to the question of the day. I forgive others even when they don’t apologize for my own serenity and peace. See the quote below. I fully believe this
  • I think holding a grudge is really unhealthy but that doesn’t mean I still hold some. One I hold is with one of my ex’s because all she had to do was talk to about something and we could have worked on our relationship but instead she ended it. But, because of her, I was able to meet the wonderful girlfriend that I have now. So I might hold a grudge still but I don’t hold as much as I use to.
  • Jesus and your mother will tell you not to hold a grudge, but then again the women on “Snapped” will also tell you the same thing. So I think it’s all about prescriptive, maybe not hold a grudge about your cheating low life of a man and do hold a grudge about saving the population of honey bees.
  • You shouldn’t keep grudges, but I have one… I had a teacher remove a CD I owned from a CD player at school sanctioned event and break it in half because it had cursing. That was around 20 years ago, and I still would curse this woman out if I saw her in public.
  • In 2nd grade, a girl smashed me and my best friends heads together on the playground. I was out the next day with a concussion, and she got off scott free. Best friend walked away with some jaw pain, he was fine.
  • Fish can probably relate to this grudge I’ve been keeping. My mom read my diary. She fessed up and all, but I couldn’t write in it for four months due to being alienated from it and there’s still things I won’t write down because I’m scared she’ll read it again, which defeats the purpose. Also, she never told me how much she read, so I’ll never know what she knows. I’m 20 by the way.
  • My 18th birthday happened to fall on Mother’s Day. The entire day was about my mom instead of my birthday and it really loaded me off. Still not over it 10 years later.
  • I let my best friend in second grade borrow my Goosebumps book collection, and she moved a few days later without telling me…she took all of the books.
  • My ex made me get circumcised at 28. Hence..my ex