Woman reveals she and her fiancé stopped speaking because he bought her a Peloton bike against her wishes


A woman has revealed that she and her fiancé stopped speaking because he bought her a $2,245 Peloton bike against her wishes — and people couldn’t resist comparing her situation to the company’s widely ridiculed holiday commercial.

The Reddit user’s post comes just two months after Peloton was mercilessly mocked for its ad about a man surprising a woman with the exercise bike. In the commercial, she thanks her partner by documenting all the times she uses the gift throughout the year.

The commercial was branded ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynistic,’ but that didn’t stop the woman’s soon-to-be husband from buying her the pricey bike, even after she insisted she didn’t want one.

‘So, I realize I already sound like a brat. This is the most expensive present I have ever received in my life and I enjoy spin classes, but the back story is what is important here,’ she wrote at the start of her post.

The woman, whose username is peletonthrowaway, explained that a few months ago her significant other asked her if she wanted to hear the gift ideas he and her sister came up with for her birthday.

After she said yes, he revealed the first thing on the list was a Peloton stationary bike, much to her dismay.

‘I have never had any interest in a Peloton and as you can see by the spelling in my throwaway username, I can’t even spell it right let alone know anything about it,’ she stressed. ‘I said no thanks it’s way too expensive and I have no interest in it.’

The woman explained that she is already on a schedule at work where she hits the gym on her lunch break and spins two to four times a week while watching YouTube workout videos.

‘After providing that explanation, I followed up multiple times in the weeks saying “Please, do not buy me a Peloton. If you ordered a Peloton, please cancel the order and return it,”‘ she said.

‘Today (the day before my birthday) I walk down into the basement, and there’s the damn Peloton. I’m immediately p****d off.’

When she asked her fiancé why there was Peloton bike in her basement when she ‘said countless times’ she didn’t want one, he ‘just started at [her] blankly.’

‘He thought I would change my mind when I saw it. I maintain that I’ve told him ten+ times that I don’t want one and why would he expect me to change my mind.

‘We aren’t currently speaking because he’s p****d I’m not happy with the gift,’ she wrote before asking if she was in the wrong.

Commenters had a blast making references to Peloton’s ill-advised holiday commercial while weighing in on her situation.

‘Have you considered vlogging your journey for the next year?’ one person asked.

‘I’m a little nervous, but excited. Let’s do this!’ another wrote, referencing the woman in the commercial.

‘Uh yeah OP you actually may have been handed the opportunity of all opportunities here,’ someone else joked. ‘Do your vlog, make money off ads every day, and at the end of the year you can tell your husband you still hate it, and sell your journey to a Peloton competitor just in time for a Super Bowl commercial.’

‘Does your boyfriend live under a rock?’ one Reddit user asked. ‘Did he not see everyone making fun of that stupid commercial and the running commentary about not buying your SO a Peloton?’

The woman got a kick out of all the jokes, and she later returned Reddit to say the Peloton bike is getting returned.

‘It took a while, but I finally got my fiancé to understand my side of things,’ she said. ‘He wanted to do something big as my first birthday engaged. He knows I’m frugal and would never ever get this for myself.

‘I believe him when he says he genuinely thought it was a money thing when I said no,’ she added. ‘He is super apologetic and gets it.’