What’s Something That Happened That Seemed Bad But Ended Up Being Good? – #TQOTD

It’s time to look on the brighter side of life and find something that you thought was going to be horrible but ended up great.

What is something that happened to you that seemed bad at the time but ended up being good? Tell us why…

  • TQOTD…Chronic illness. It sucks like nothing else in life. You notice it as soon as you wake up and it lurks all day. It will never leave. And yah it’s still crappy (shitty) as heck (hell) but it’s also good and became better with age and meeting new people. Sharing information about it and educating people who have no idea what this disease even is. They are clueless. And then I meet people who know others that have it and it becomes a bond. I have grown from this disease and will continue to grow from it and keep meeting people and keep talking about it, because it’s the good part!
  • My divorce. I was married to a narcissist and it was so abusive…I just didn’t realize it. It was my normal. Now, thanks to some great counseling, family, friends, and time to heal, I’m healthier and happier than I’ve been in a long time!
  • My divorce. It wasn’t easy but I wouldn’t change any of it. We are both happier now.
  • My ex fiance cheating on me 7 months before the wedding…. Now that we aren’t together I have realized how much of myself I have lost during the last 8 years. I sacrificed so much of myself to take care of everyone else. Now I am focusing on taking care of ME. ❤
  • My husband was fired as a high school basketball coach and the very next year was hired as an assistant college coach and won a National championship. The high school team has gone thru three more coaches and are still bad (hint…maybe it’s the players and not the coaches people). ????????????
  • My job transferred me to the Soo. Made great friends but hated it when I first got the news.
  • Moving back to my home state.
  • Being fired from a job after almost 14 yrs
  • Breaking up with my bf after 3 years
  • My divorce
  • So when I was about 5 years old, I thought it was a super smart idea to play with quarters in my mouth, as I watched tv with my brother, while dangling my head upside down off our ottoman. This very quickly turned bad because I ended up choking on 2 of those quarters(I had 4 in there for some reason lol) and then my parents rushed me to the hospital. Btw, I could still breathe so it wasn’t as life or death as it could’ve been which was pretty cool. But after going to a couple different hospitals, the quarters ended up passing and I got to go to Wendy’s and get chicken nuggets and a chocolate frosty, while my brothers were at home without delicious ice cream treats. All in all, I’d have to say it was a pretty great day!!!#nuggiesandfrosties #ohhhhyeahhhh
  • Two years ago I was working for a company for nine years and then because of one little mistake I was let go. It was bad timing as my wife and I have just been married for under a year and we just purchased a brand new house. Looking back it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened. Now two years later I am making three times the amount of money that I was making at that time. Were able to actually save money and take vacations.
  • My bad is that I did fertility treatments for two years without success. My good is I adopted 3 children who are the best part of my life. Two have special needs and even with that they always make my day!
  • I moved down to Florida and followed my high school sweet heart. Was down there for 6 months and discovered my boyfriend wasn’t going to grow up & I missed my family and found I always wanted to move away but this helped me see that I needed to be around my family so Michigan forever my home. Unless I move up to the U.P. that’s alright…still Michigan. LoL. My dad came and got me and brought me home after 6 months. Florida isn’t my scene I don’t get the specialness of it. Anyways…
  • I was the manager of an animal hospital that got bought out by a corporation just as I went onto maternity leave. My position had completely changed when I returned and the person who was covering for me was allowed to go on ‘vacation’ my first week back. By the end of the 1st week, I was written up for several aspects of not following protocol. Right then I knew I was going to be forced to leave. I kept evidence of everything until I was given no choice but to resign. In the end, I won my case and ended up having a year of pay to stay home with my son! #when one door closes…another better one opens!
  • It seemed awful that my husband found out that I had a gambling addiction and having to stop gambling felt like the end of the world due to my addiction, but after it all came out, it was for the best, and now we’re a lot more than financially stable we are extremely well off. Went from being broke and not being able to pay bills to paying them early and having money for a lot of other things. (Except Disney, apparently, lol)
  • Meeting my husband. When we met, his life was messy and I had started to feel really confident on my own
  • Divorce is probably never a good thing when a child is involved, but in my case everything worked out for the best, and I am really happy after a really shitty 15 year marriage. I’m a single dad of a 13-year-old son, and have full custody, which is a good thing. My ex had/still has substance abuse issues, and I tried to get her help and work through it for the sake of my son but it just didn’t work out. So everybody is in the place they need to be, and my son and I are thriving. Tom
  • TQOTD: When I was sentenced to prison I thought life was over for me but… Prison taught me more about myself than I ever knew was possible. I learned about who and what are important to me in life. It allowed me to reflect and really appreciate every single day individually. Prison is a horrible environment but a wonderful place to learn if you just open your mind to it.
  • TQOTD: I was passed over a promotion at my old job. I really thought I was going to get the job so I was upset BUT I work in a totally different industry now that is WAY better!
  • Santa ruined my wedding! My fiancé and I booked our wedding at a community hall for December to save money. We had the vendors booked and had ordered our invitations. Come December my sister discovered in the community brochure that there was a Santa meet and greet scheduled for the same day, same time, same place. I called the manager (who I had paid in full at this point!) to ask what was going on and he replied, “oh…that’s a problem.” Long story short, we moved our wedding to April of this year. It’s been such a breeze planning in comparison and with the extra time we’ve been able to save up extra and really get a dream day.
  • My boyfriend cheating on me right as I left for college because I was a person who had never had balloon animals before. I ended up meeting a wonderful guy in my hall, it didn’t bother him and he never put pressure on me. We ended up being pregnant four months after dating and have known each other for 7 years and been married for five. Mr right is out there.
  • Getting bullied at school. While it definitely was NOT a good thing, I’ve come to realize it wasn’t as bad as I thought at the time. You can either have the strength beaten out of you, or into you. I made sure they beat it into me.
  • I lost my job because of my fairly poor performance, which made sense since I was either drunk or hungover 100% of the time when I was there. Losing my job was obviously awful, but it did eventually get me to get my ass in gear and get sober.
  • This is actually advice I got as a kid and I thought it was really bad advice at the time… “No matter how hard you try, there will always be somebody better.” It’s risky advise for a mom to give her son, but I’ll be damned I’m a very happy, humble, and mediocre 31 year old.
  • Having a condom break on April Fool’s Day. 9 months later we welcomed our boy/girl twins.