What Have You Learned About Your Family Since Being Home And Stuck With Them? – #TQOTD

Whether you’ve been working from home, laid off, or deemed an essential worker, you’ve probably been spending more time with your family. So, what have you learned about them after spending so much time with them?

What have you learned about your family since being home and stuck with them?

  • That I talk to my cats way too much…single life during quarantine ‍♀️. On the bright side at least I do have them to talk to, I’m not completely alone ‍♀️.
  • This quarantine coincides with my husband’s retirement. So it’s a really good thing that I can blame my irritation on him being home all the time on Covid19 and not on the fact that I just don’t like him being home all the time. I’ve realized after 35 years married that I absolutely do love him, but don’t want to have to spend 24/7 with him.
  • My bf is a wonderful dad! We recently became parents on the 28th and it’s been rough but with his support it’s been an amazing few weeks
  • My kids are even more lazy than I thought Not sure who’s kids these are. I’ve become the soul of the home while my husband works 12 hour days ( essential worker).
  • That no one washes dishes except me! And that we all love each other very much and try to raise each others’ spirits, 3 essential workers (husband and sons) and me, who is jobless.
  • I’m thankful it’s just me and my 15 year old son. We are doing good just have cabin fever
  • How much they eat, toilet paper they use, the electric bill is higher. But I am happy to see they are going through almost 2 Bath and body works soaps a week. But we are happy and healthy.
  • Even though I’m working from home, my kids tell me how much they live me about 12 times a day if not more. My husband is doing so much that I feel guilty.
  • That we are the same in quarantine as we are out of quarantine. #Homebodies.
  • Candace and I have managed to not murder one another, and that speaks volumes.
  • This has been a reinforcement that I definitely married my bestie!
  • That they can find things for themselves to do and want me to find things for them to do but cannot keep me from bored out of mind!!!
  • That we can live together 24/7 and still honestly enjoy one another.
  • My kids say they are bored, but I give them a chore, suddenly they aren’t bored anymore.
  • I live alone, in another state…..and it’s GLORIOUS.
  • My family eats way more than they should!
  • I never knew how incredibly annoying my kids can be…
  • That my 6 year old daughter is so mich like me…. No wonder we are always butting heads!!!
  • The only thing different is date night is at home instead of out to a restaurant!
  • They all chew loudly….
  • That I took toilet paper for granted
  • My boys feet smell worse then ANYTHING and I think my living room permanently smells like butt and feet!
  • That my kids CAN get along, and we eat a lot!
  • Even with the dishwasher open, NO one seems to know how to put a dirty dish in there. #DUHyall
  • My kids get along when they have no where else to to or no one else to play with
  • My husband is rrreeeaalllllyyyy annoying.
  • That I am NOT stay.at.home.mom. material
  • They look exactly the same as the last 27 day’s. Alrighty then.
  • That I miss them …
  • They poop a lot… A LOT!!!!!!
  • TQOTD… We are all alcoholics!
  • We are all still working so things have not changed drastically. I’ve been reminded that we should own a dairy cow due to the amount of milk consumed.
  • I’ve discovered that my cats are worthless layabouts and they need to get a darn job.
  • How many times in a day my son can say “hey mommy”
  • What I’ve learned about my spouse-she listens to an awful morning radio show (obviously not your show).