Naked Cowboy still strumming amid coronavirus: ‘I’ve never missed a day’


It’ll take more than a little pandemic to get the Naked Cowboy to put his clothes on.

The Times Square fixture is still strumming through the coronavirus — and even with far fewer tippers, he’s staying positive.

“I’ve never missed a day and I feel very fortunate to, just to have my routine, and my rituals,” the street performer, Robert Burck told Reuters on Friday.

“My message is – get out every day, do the most you can to keep up your passions and your instincts and the things you want to accomplish,” he said.

The Trump-supporting guitarist is covering up just a little more, though, donning a stars-and-stripes facemask to compliment his Trump 2020 stickers plastered over his instrument.

Burck said he at least doesn’t have to compete for attention in an eerily empty Crossroads of the World, the epicenter for the United States’ COVID-19 outbreak.

“Basically with so few people, I’m able to capture the attention of every single one of them. So it’s like there’s less people but [it’s great] just to be able to hit every single person and cheer them up and get them honking the horn,” he said.

As unemployment soars in New York and across the country, Burck felt confident a bounce-back was looming.

“These tough times actually build the character for the upcoming economy booming back and everything else.”

Like the buskers still lingering around Times Square, the crooks apparently are, too. A Florida nurse volunteering in the city had her cell phone swiped right out of her hands after she left her shift last weekend.