When People Come To You For Help, What Do They Usually Want Help With? – #TQOTD

It’s time to lend a helping hand, so tell us what people are asking you for help with.

When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with? And why?

  • LOLOLOLOL! Even good friends I haven’t seen/heard from in a while text me when either their pet is sick or when they’ve found an injured animal….apparently I know things #wildliferehablife #workedinvetmed#idontgetpaidforthis
  • Organizing or doing a party. I love throwing parties and have done weddings and such. I’m pretty good at them too if I do say so myself hehehe
  • They want someone to listen. My co workers know they can come to my office to talk, or just to vent and what is said will never leave my office. And I’m an accountant not a therapist!
  • Someone said, “you’d make a great counselor.” I listen to people vent, provide thoughts on their inquiries, alternatives to troubleshooting their problems…. there’s so many more. No judgment zone. Everyone’s going through something and sometimes you just need someone.
  • They ask me to cook a meal or help pack up their homes/clean. FYI, I hate cleaning with a passion! Unfortunately, I’m really good at it.
  • Finding things. They can’t find a darn thing in the pantry, cupboard, or fridge. Where’s my coat? Shoes? Backpack? Planner? ‍♀️
  • At work everyone sends all the customers they can’t help to me. After being there 15 years they think I know everything. What they don’t get is no one knows everything and I have my own job to do.
  • I’m a clean freak, and they want me to help clean their house.
  • Their horses are hurt or acting crazy and it’s up to me to fix it. Awesome
  • Getting things that are up high….because I’m 6ft tall
  • Money, rides, recipes or advice on just about any topic. I’m a grandma and I’m supposed to have and know all I suppose. I remember when my grandma did. ❤
  • Vehicles, cameras or computers. That’s about it. Sometimes math, but that’s only if they’re realllllly desperate.
  • They ask me what they should make for a potluck. If it’s one that I’m attending, I advise them to bring something chocolate.
  • Technology…I’m not even in IT!!!!
  • A listening ear usually, every day stuff or just life itself
  • Fixing things, cars, bikes, life…
  • Money, rides or a place to stay
  • Their hair. It’s my job.
  • Bail money
  • Money
  • Banking questions
  • Cookies
  • Vacation planning. Finding a home for a pet. Computer questions. Graphic design. Help moving! I’m a jack of all trades
  • people always call me asking questions about phones because i worked at the wireless center at walmart
  • TQotD: I am a listening ear so people come to me to rant/vent
  • #tqotd people come to me to get my husband to fix their car. I’m just the middleman
  • Fresh veggies in the summer cuz the hubby and I grow such a huge garden. We love sharing the fruits of our labor
  • People always come to me with their medical questions. I’m a nurse, and love playing doctor for 10 mins while I try to diagnose them. If only I could order the necessary labs, xrays, etc.(dont worry, I still tell them to go to a doctor when appropriate…)
  • TQOTD. People usually ask either a grammar question or where to find something
  • They usually just need a hug or some good moral friendly support
  • Did he write it on the mirror for her??
  • When people want my help it is either anything handyman related… Or… Moving anything and everything, but most especially moving an entire house. I am a very large man and well suited for such tasks. Just wondering how many of these people will be around when I need to move….
  • The general thing I am asked for is my time…. Time to train people at work. Time to lend an ear. Time to volunteer in a kitchen. Time to volunteer into a leadership role or leading a group of people within the community and also to volunteer to share my story to others of “Coming Out” And to tell everyone “it does get better”
  • QOTD:. People come to me for sex advice. I’m like a sex therapist. Haha, ok…. That’s a lie. Usually people come to me for advice or help moving heavy things
  • When people come to me for help it’s usually about balloon animal stuff. I don’t know why ether. Lol