What Is A “First World Problem” That Drives You Insane? – #TQOTD

OK people, let’s get really snarky and share our “first world problems” for everyone to judge us on.

What is something in your life that you ADMIT is a “First World Problem” but it drives you insane anyway?

  • So what I consider a first world problem is when my favorite radio show hosts go on vacation leaving me to suffer listening to sub par stations that just don’t cut it. It drives me insane! I’m not gonna name names or anything!!! Lol
  • Having to show my Sam’s club membership card at the door when I already have to give it to the cashier to check out. It’s completely superfluous.
  • When I see someone driving slow/weaving and look over and they are looking at their phone ;-(
  • That my cell phone doesn’t get signal at my house. And I live in a decent size city
  • This Bermuda grass has invaded my lawn. I’m so grumpy and irritated about the whole thing that I cannot go outside.
  • My Keurig died and upended my life for two days til the replacement came.
  • Having so much food in the fridge/freezer that its difficult to organize the “right” way.
  • My air conditioner makes me too cold. Then I turn it down or off and I get too hot. Rinse and repeat.
  • Running out of coffee creamer.
  • People not using both lanes until the merge spot in construction zones, and people purposely pulling out to stop people that are trying to do so! So aggravating, and people are so rude about it despite signs and authorities saying that’s what you’re supposed to do!
  • That alot of people only think about first world problems. Slow internet ok how about no internet? Driving in the wrong lane? How about no lanes at all maybe not even a car? Your coffee isnt perfect what about looking for clean water to drink? This is my biggest pet peeve and first world problems that drive me crazy.
  • Not speeding up or slowing down to merge onto the highway. Its not my job to get over! Plus someone may already be along the side of me.
  • The fact that Samsung or Verizon,whomever changed the comma on my keyboard to an apostrophe. Godless heathens!
  • People signaling to turn like 20 feet from where they want to turn.
  • That I can’t use my Apple Face ID while wearing a mask…..
  • Putting new line on my weed wacker. Top of mind bc I just did this today.
  • People talking about TV shows or movies they’ve seen giving you a play by play
  • Slow drivers in the passing lane!!!
  • That people have NO CLUE how to use a 3 or 4 way stop!!! Drives me bonkers!!
  • Bat crap crazy people that shouldn’t have a drivers license!!!!
  • Sharing a driveway and backyard.
  • When my pets hog the blankets
  • Having satellite internet
  • Tailgating
  • Since Covid, we have had to replace something in our oven to make it work, our fridge to make it work and just this morning somehow our downstairs freezer had turned off and all the ice we fixed last week (10 gallons essentially w/ ice maker) and all our frozen sliced up apples had unfroze!!! So now we will have gallons of applesauce made and new ice being made this week
  • My metal reusable straw (saving the planet ) gets too cold in shakes or daiquiris. Plastic straws never did me like that! Can you get frostbite from a metal straw??
  • Too much food in our freezers (multiple) and having to search around all of it for what I need…then try to fit it all back to be able to close the door. ‍♀️
  • First-world problem… The fingerprint sensor on my cell phone rarely works on the first try – or even the fourth or fifth
  • When I can’t get my Fitbit to sync to my iPhone.
  • 2 bathrooms i have 5 boys in my house!
  • I had recently replaced the mechanical device that raises and lowers the window and that broke AGAIN! So, all I had to do was keep the window up and all would be good ’cause my car is a beater anyway. That’s all I had to do, but NO, I accidentally hit the wrong window and off the track it went. My life has been complete garbage since that happened, such a hassle. How do people live like this. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Husbands…..totally over rated!
  • I HATE when my husband wakes me up at 3 am for balloon animals!!!!