How Have You Turned Into Your Parents? – #TQOTD

Most people don’t want to turn into their parents. However, most people actually do turn into their parents… So, tell us how you have.

How have you turned into your parents?

  • I am a worry wart like my mom, and tell long stories with too many details like my dad. 😉
  • I routinely check the thermostat
  • I turn my son’s music down
  • I’m jiggling toilet handles
  • One of my monthly highlights is getting my mperks coupons.
  • I have my mom’s body language and mannerisms. I have my dad’s social anxiety, but not as extreme as his. I like things my way. I’m pessimistic. I hate cooking and being cooped up indoors.
  • On a lighter note, I’m organized, responsible, independent, and I value education.
  • Bulk buying groceries. My parents are dutch and my mother had dutch immigrant grandparents that lived through the depression so penny pinching is very real to my psyche.
  • Problem is that I live in an apartment and I don’t have the space to do bulk shopping and I die inside.
  • Brain farts. I try to answer a question, can’t come up with the word I want. I’ll walk into a room and forget what I was looking for. I forget where I put something away.
  • I skipped over a generation and thankfully nabbed some great traits from my grandparents: my grandma’s ability to plan large scale parties and make it look effortless. :)And my grandpa’s detailed trip planning. I’d still rather memorize my route by researching maps, or actually use a map rather than mess with GPS!
  • It takes 4 tries to get the right name when calling someone to the room. Everyone just has to be called”Hey You”
  • Cooking for 300, when there’s only 4 people. No more “loud” music. no patience for young people, this means teens, twenty somethings, need to learn manners. No driving at night. Yeah….the list goes on.
  • Me..”call or text when u get there” guys “mom u have life 360” me “whatever, call when u get there”…oldest is 18 (no more life 360) heading to Marine boot camp, youngest is
  • The older I get the more and more I become my mother! Sadly NOT the good parts
  • Finding comedians inappropriate ‍♀️
  • Getting excited on my antique finds… mother would be proud
  • My attitude reflect both parents in different ways but holy lord is it scary at time.
  • TQOD: I Wipe down the condiments in my fridge and I flip out when people wear shoes in the house. I have a shoe cover dispenser on the wall in the garage.. I am no doubt my mother now
  • I look forward to going home from work. I’m an essential worker, I own a bakery, I have to work six days a week 12 to 14 hours a day. Some of us don’t get to stay home, take naps, watch Ourfavorite TV shows, eatsnacks all day. Some of us have to drag are tired big butts out of bed at the ass crack of Dawn and get to work. So… I look forward to getting home after these long ass hot stinky days lately! Some days I pray that I fall down the stairs or slipped on a wet floor so I can break a leg and have a break… LOL
  • Dad jokes and puns. My dads the pun master, and I am his prodigy.
  • Yup. My wife calls me Dave. That’s my dad…. I take 20 minutes to tell a 30 second story. My dad is the best so I’m okay with it, but I laugh at myself sometimes and say WOW, I’m totally my dad right now!!!!
  • NIGHTGOWNS. I AM MY MOTHER!!! nightgowns are sooo comfy. Screw the cute “matching pajama set” from kohl’s/Meijer I’m going with my night time dress instead