What Is Something You Forgot And It Led To A Disaster? – #TQOTD

It’s time to share a story where everything went horribly wrong after you forgot something.

What is something you forgot and it led to a disaster?

  • Hey I have a scenario for the text question of the day. I work in a dental office, and I’m supposed to wear business attire to work everyday. Once upon a time I drove all the way to work, sat at my desk and was ready to punch in, when suddenly I realized I have bright red sweats and a bright orange jacket on with literally no shirt underneath. All my work clothes were at home in the dryer. So now, I have about four patients waiting for me to check them in, but instead I have to drive home to get clothes. This disaster happened just now. Right now. FML.
  • When my daughter was in elementary school, we forgot to pack her red folder for class. The school attempted to email me to bring up the red folder. However, the teacher left out one letter in my email address and it was sent to a woman in Denver, Colorado with the same name as me. She also had a daughter with the same name as my daughter who had a red folder. The lady drove the red folder up to her daughter’s school in Denver. The school said they never emailed her. After investigating, the woman tracked down my daughter’s elementary and let the school know what happened.
  • I forgot that I set my purse down when I reached for my shopping bags to bring into the house. When I closed my trunk it locked the purse inside. Of course my house key, car key and cell phone were in my purse inside the locked car. I had to go to my neighbors house to call and have AAA come…to my driveway. 2 hours later I was able to get to my phone and a bunch of missed calls. I was supposed to meet friends out for dinner, but didn’t have their numbers memorized, so they waited for me for over an hour. Sigh
  • Forgot to leave the front door key to the work door at work after leaving for the weekend! Zoinks! Thank goodness for allen wrenches to substitute for a hex key!
  • I forgot to put the lid securely on the gallon of paint. Shook it all over.
  • I made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and forgot the sugar
  • My brother played on my Minecraft account and deleted all my worlds and caused me to lose a friend… good times..
  • I forgot to log out of PayPal so I ultimately lost $40k to someone who had my account. My money was refunded through generosity of PayPal so everything worked out, but wow was that a disaster.
  • Forgot to add water to my ramen before I microwaved it. Lets just say the microwave was an ash pile after….
  • I forgot to plan a birthday party for my ex. She took it like a kick to the junk. The whole relationship went downhill from there and we started fighting all the time. I really loved her but she eventually left me. 4 year relationship down the drain.
  • I forgot to put out a cigar at a friends cabin and it burned down. No one was hurt, but we aren’t friends anymore.
  • I forgot to use protection and got an STD.
  • I was staying in a friend’s studio apartment while he was away and had used the oven to make dinner. Forgot to turn it off and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air and had to stick my head out the window to breath. A few more minutes and I would have been dead.
  • I forgot to clean my dryer’s lint trap for about a month and my dryer caught fire. Luckily, I had a fire extinguisher nearby and smelled smoke almost immediately and I put it out before it caused any serious damage.
  • TQOTD: When my kids were little, 9,6,& 3, we went to visit my brother in Florida for Christmas. We stayed in a rental at the apt complex he lived in. Our last night there my mom was going to take the kids swimming. As she was waiting for one of them she had the door open. My youngest son Sean who was 3 decided to check out the fire alarm that was right outside the apt and right at his level. Of course being quizzical he pulled down on the bright red lever. Alarm goes off, people start running out of the apt complex and the fire dept shows up. Once we explain everything to everyone my husband asks the fire chief if it was ok to get a picture of him with my boys. HE SAID YES! LOL Good Times! 😅😅
  • This isn’t what I forgot it is something that my sister forgot. When my sister got married she had so many things on her mind obviously that she forgot her list of pictures that she wanted to have taken. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing except that her photographer wasn’t super good and she didn’t bring her list that my sister had sent her. So my sister was trying to rack her brain to remember what pictures to take, but unfortunately she couldn’t remember them all so there are no pictures of her and my older sister in any of the wedding pictures. Now this really blew up when my older sister got mad at her and blasted her all over facebook while she was on her honeymoon. My older sister even went so far as the end her relationship with the younger sister. That was over 6 years ago and they still don’t speak. We have had one family get together with everyone since them but it was super stressful.
  • I was out to dinner with friends and we were on the patio and we had to light a citronella candle with some of the bark from the garden and when it was time for us to go I said oh I’ll just put it out and I dumped water on it. Flames shot up so high the umbrella almost caught on fire. Lesson learned citronella is an oil
  • tqotd: when i was in high school my grandma would forget to close our garage door when she went to work, so it would stay open for 8+ hours .. it could’ve been really bad (people could have came in & stole stuff) but thankfully nothing happened
  • My disaster was when I worked as a head teller on the east side of the state for a credit union. I would get in early at 7am, count the vault and the ATM before we opened up at 9 for the public. Everyday I would start the coffee pot and put my bagel in the toaster located in the kitchen then I would go unlock the vault and open the ATM, return to get my coffee and bagel so that I could eat while I counted. However, unknown to me was that WHOEVER used the toaster last jacked up the control to “well done”. So……as I walked out of the vault room to to the kitchen for my bagel three things happened at once. #1 I see smoke everywhere #2 I smell burnt bagel #3 I hear fire engines. I immediately panicked because I KNEW it was my screw up. Luckily there was no fire, it was purely smoke. How they still had to get the smoke out which meant opening all the doors and taking down all the cubicles!!!! OMG I got in so much trouble and worse – my coworkers harassed me for years afterwards…….awwww yes, good memories~
  • To tighten my lugnuts after a brake change. Who knew that after you put a few hundred miles on your car following a brake change, that lugnuts become loose and make you think your tires are going to go flying off your car while driving on the highway? SO stinking scary.
  • I waited too long to respond to my wife asking “how do i look in this dress?”