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International tv & kpop star Jackson Wang calls in Live and direct from China to talk about his new single “Pretty Please ft Galantis / Jeremih”. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask about 100 Ways – one of my favorite pop songs of 2020 and the video is EPIC! Truly its own vibe

Cool fact from the interview – he used the same lead actress from the 100 ways to be the lead in the Pretty Please video! Jackson is a very down to earth dude, and he loves to show his culture through his music. I really enjoyed this opportunity to meet an amazing international artist that I’ve been supporting. I asked about an album, Jackson says it’s done, but he was pretty low key about it – be on the look out!



Stream/Listen to “Pretty Please” : https://teamwang.lnk.to/PrettyPleaseID



Stream/Listen to “100 Ways”: https://TEAMWANG.lnk.to/100WaysID

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