What Do Movies And TV Shows Get Wrong About Your Job? – #TQOTD

    Hollywood is notorious for getting things wrong in their movies and TV shows, so we want to know what they got wrong about your job.

    What do movies and tv shows get wrong about your job???

    • I am an X-ray technologist they portray that doctors can run all X-ray equipment MRI ,CT etc which they don’t and cannot lol . Oh plus they usually put the X-ray back works on the light board
    • Firefighters never go into a burning building alone, and without proper PPE and without a charged hose.
    • I’m a social worker, and I know we’re not all amazing, but those in movies/shows, I literally yell the entire time. Most MSWs have more education than a psychologist (not a joke). Making positive change is my jam, social workers typically get a hard toss under the bus. It’s a tough job.
    • I’ve only ever seen my job done once on tv. It was a small clip in an episode of Bones. They didn’t mess it up too bad if I remember correctly. Simplified version, I’m a histotechnologist so I embed tissue in wax and then slice it real thin and stain it to make the slides pathologists look at under the microscope to diagnose cancers and other problems.
    • Truck driving the trailer always jackknifes perfectly where the trailer slides across the road
    • That working in a gas station is easy. That all you do is stand by a register taking peoples money. Its gotta be one of the most frustrating jobs I’ve ever had!
    • I don’t believe I’ve seen a land surveyor on the screen. I think we are in The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton!
    • Nannies don’t sleep with their boss/don’t try to steal the husband. Obviously it happens but very rarely.
    • I’m a teacher and they have us sitting in a desk in front of the room all day.
    • I’m a medical assistant.. they get mostly everything wrong.
    • That we are always happy to assist.
    • That in retail we can say what we want without repercussions. And about the customer is always right. Which ever company started that saying was wrong as well lol
    • My job is pretty unique. There’s no movies or shows about feeding crested geckos!
    • That we are all stoned the whole time we are working
    • We not dress in sexy outfits when cleaning homes!
    • That I snoop thru your belongings…nope, never.
    • That we do everything with a smile on.
    • No all the sprinklers heads do not all go off at once.
    • That we get to play dodgeball with the big red rubber ball still #peTeacher
    • As a nanny, I can guarantee we DO NOT want your husband. We’re in your personal space, most of what they do actually disgusts us, not makes us want them like lifetime movies portray
    • In almost every medical show it shows the doctors doing all the work (drawing labs, running tests, giving meds, placing foleys, etc.) and all the nurses do is answer phones and empty bedpans house is probably one of the worse when it comes to this. I loved the show, but very inaccurate.
    • There is no vault full of massive stacks of cash at the bank, there’s usually as little money on site as possible to prevent losses if a robbery would occur.
    • I’m not a whore… Rn
    • I’m a cna and they always show nurses doing the cares which they dont. We do. We pretty much do everything expect med passes and even than 50% of the time the nurses hand us the meds to give
    • I don’t know about wrong, but The Office is definitely an accurate but exaggerated version of working in an office. As an Admin for almost 20 years, I can relate to SO MUCH of that show.
    • In my opinion….that customers are always right. I get everyone is entitled to their opinion and its “good for business” but we the people on the other side of the counter are people too. *side note that they get RIGHT* THE FREAK OUTS
    • Not sure about the job portion, but I do have a hobby… Corsetry. So almost every time they try to portray a corset on the screen, 99% of the time I can promise you that they’re portraying it wrong
    • That its glamorous and you make a lotnof money.
    • That there are really that many people in a standard surgery.
    • The commercials out there showing people just walking up to the pharmacy counter handing a prescription, the pharmacy just clicks around on the register and has a price. That gets me big time! Can’t happen that way, you got people coming into a pharmac… See More
    • That anyone, especially nurses and doctors can just walk into any lab and perform lab tests! You see this all the time on TV medical shows. It brings my hair on edge especially when I see them preparing blood for transfusion! Blood bank is the one area… See More
    • That home buyers look at 3 homes in one day and magically of those 3 homes one of those is perfect. LOL As a Realtor I can tell you for sure this is NOT the way it is. Sometimes it is the 1st home you look at, more times it is the 10th or 11th and you… See More
    • Did anyone ever make a movie about operating CNC machines in the automotive production industry? I’d watch it just to see if there was anything wrong.