What’s Something You Stopped Doing Since The Pandemic? – #TQOTD

    Besides showing your mouth, not going out to eat, and other things you aren’t allowed to do, what have you stopped doing since the pandemic?

    What’s something you stopped doing since the pandemic?

    • Working out :/ the stress of working full time from home and having 3 little kids home full time (2 that aren’t sleeping well) is exhausting. I know getting back to it would make me feel better, however, I’ve tried and I just have been in a slump! Blah
    • Traveling especially by plane. And I fly multiple times a year. Hasn’t happened since right before everything shut down the first time.
    • No restaurants, no shopping malls, no movies, no visiting people, family. I go nowhere except for groceries and my mom’s house.
    • Enjoying my sanity when the kids use to go to school
    • Stop going into big stores. Cant stand being in crowds and crap anyways.
    • Watching the news, I’m much happier now!
    • I stopped wearing makeup and “work clothes” now that I’m working from home!
    • Wearing “outside” clothes and shaving
    • Going to different stores to shop.
    • My hair
    • Working out and make up
    • Socializing. It is what it is. I love my family and friends one only protect them all.
    • Makeup, no place to go
    • Watching the news.
    • Make up!
    • Working out…. and boy does it show!
    • Makeup and jeans.
    • I stopped going to the casino.
    • Going places just to go. Now I only go if its necessary
    • Wearing real clothes….
    • Wired bras
    • Eating in nice restaurants, missing a good juicy steak! (Longhorns)
    • I stopped feeling bad for not attending any type of function. Weddings, birthday parties, holidays, anything, I no longer hold any guilt in not attending.
    • I stopped giving crap friends 100 chances to be decent friends. With no nights out it made it super easy. No more asshat friends thanks to covid.
    • Wearing makeup. Just a waste when it all ends up on your mask 😷
    • Hugging people or even just standing near a person up close. Even feel weird doing a high five JEESH!!! Oh and I would never get in anyone’s car right now…that’s just craziness