JP Hair Design ~ Black History Month

Jeff Patterson, owner of JP Hair Design, opened up shop in 1998 in a studio by himself. When JP opened, he had been trained for 2 years by iconic local barber, Taylor “Smitty” Smith. Smitty was the first licensed Black barber in the city of Madison.  A quiet leader, Smitty never talked about money–he always talked about community, individuals, and loving people. JP has definitely followed Smitty’s lead.  In 2016, when Smitty passed, JP assisted in setting up the Taylor “Smitty” Smith Scholarship, which provides tuition, books, and equipment for an apprentice student in barbering or cosmetology at Madison College.

JP Hair Design now has 10 active barber chairs. In 2016 JP Hair Design added a Men’s Health and Wellness Center inside the shop; the first ever barber shop in the nation to feature an education center onsite.  

JP Hair Design

584 Grand Canyon Dr
Madison, WI 53719

(608) 829-1143


Over the month of February, DJ Fusion will connect with unique, local, Black-owned businesses, each of whom will share a piece of Black history that is personal to them or something that may not have been taught, traditionally, in schools.

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