Gary Knowledge ~ Black History Month

Gary Knowledge also known as Uncle Gary, is an outspoken voice in the Madison Hip Hop/nightlife Community, well respected and able to unite people through the power of music.

Gary started out not only throwing his own shows, but working with Tag at True Endeavors.  Connecting the local artist community to the national touring acts, Gary was able to open new doors and direction for the local hip hop community.  Gary is Madison Hip Hop, and if you ever wanted to learn about music made in Madison, lunch with Gary will be unforgettable.

The pandemic is slowing and or stopping shows all together, not just here in Madison, but nationwide. Gary has stayed connected with the community virtually in 2021.  Teaming up with local DJ and icon, DJ Scrump Boogz, for online virtual performances.  

ATL – Appreciate The Living.  A phrase Gary coined years ago, now embellished in clothing to spread the message.  In our interview Gary really defines what it means to Appreciate The Living.  The legendary one, The Funky Drummer, Clyde Stubblefield is among the many artists Gary had the opportunity to work with.  Clyde was best known as being the drummer for legendary funk and soul Icon James Brown.  Also notably on Clyde’s resume being the funky drummer, his drum patterns have been the most used/sampled patterns of all time in Hip Hop.  Gary recalls his most memorable moment with Clyde.  Clyde had a regular night, Funky Mondays, at the King Club.  Clyde introduced Gary to DJ Cool Herc, one of the founding fathers of Hip Hop.  Clyde was internationally known, and interest in him brought people to Madison, WI from all over the world. 

The conversation curtails with a little overview of the Madison Hip Hop Community that Gary has helped pioneer and mold over the years.  Shout out to Latone Heart, Rob DZ, DLO, Laduma, Keon Andre, DJ Pain 1, Reigny Day Productions, The Crest, Picklecorps Squad, The Intel Agents, The Lost Souls, Lucha Libre, Regime Records, Big Mmike, Cory Webb, Uncle Pauly, Bro DJ, DJ Newsense, DJ Fabulust, Big Tone, Huge Family Ent, DJ Schooly, OX, Bald Head Kingpin, The Last Hope, Choas New Money, Taye Sharkee and Uchi Kinte.


Over the month of February, DJ Fusion will connect with unique, local, Black-owned businesses, each of whom will share a piece of Black history that is personal to them or something that may not have been taught, traditionally, in schools.

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