2nd Date Update: Frat Sheets

Drake is calling for a second date with Ashley. They met on Bumble. They both connected on having a rough year this past year and hoping for a better one this year.  Drake just recently got divorced and is trying to get his life back on track. He’s really been focusing on having more fun and living life to the fullest. Just having fun. They chatted back and forth for a few weeks. They went to Heritage Tavern for dinner and drinks and had a blast. She even mentioned a few times how much fun he is. Since they had such a great time he invited her back to his place. He took her up to his room. He mentioned he was living with a few roommates right now since it’s been such a challenging year.  The next morning it’s like she couldn’t wait to leave. He’s wondering what happened. She seemed to have a great time. Doesn’t she want a second date?