The Urban League of Greater Madison [Community & Cultural Awareness]


Our Mission

The mission of the Urban League of Greater Madison is to ensure that African Americans and other community members are educated, employed and empowered to live well, advance professionally and contribute to the common good in the 21st Century.

Our Vision

To make Greater Madison the ?Best [place] in the Midwest? for everyone to live, learn, and work by 2020.

Our Agenda

Educate: To support and enhance the learning experiences of our youth in the classroom and the community so that they are prepared to realize their full potential in life.

Employ: To ensure that African Americans and others of working age are able to identify, train for and secure employment in stable and emerging industries.

Empower: To ensure that people of color are adequately empowered with the opportunity to transform their own communities, participate in social and cultural activities, and contribute to the common good of our region.

Our Core Values

Quality: We take pride providing quality services to our customers.

Human Dignity: We are sensitive to the needs and capabilities of our culturally diverse customers and staff.

Human Development: We have an environment that provides support, resources, and opportunities for high staff achievement.

Accountability: We provide effective management, strong leadership and responsible stewardship of our organization and resources.

Integrity: We always act in accord with our values and commitments thereby leading to a reputation for high credibility.