Krista & The Morning Rush: Kim Kardashian’s Son Saw an Ad for Her Sex Tape

    Ever since KIM KARDASHIAN started having kids, people have been saying, “Just wait until they’re old enough to use the Internet . . .”


    Well, that time has arrived.  The first episode of “The Kardashians” hits Hulu today . . . and we learn that Kim’s 5-year-old son Saint has seen an ad for her SEX TAPE while playing the video game “Roblox”.


    Obviously she freaks, and talks to her lawyer about SUING.  She says, quote, “I have four kids.  I can’t go through this again.  This was like 20 years ago.  I’m not going to go through this again.


    “I know the right attorneys this time.  I know exactly what to do this time . . . I have all the time, all the money, and all of the resources to burn them all to the ground.”


    But then KHLOE puts it all in perspective . . . quote, “Didn’t we deal with this the first season of ‘Keeping Up . . .’?  This is a good omen, you guys . . . talking about your sex tape in the first season.  I feel like we’re back to Day One.”  (???)


    (Los Angeles Times)