Krista’s Click Worthy Stories: Things the Last Two Episodes of “Stranger Things 4” Have to Answer

    1. Is one of our heroes going to die?  And if so, who? It’s been teased, but will it happen?  And will fans RIOT if one of their longtime favorites bites the dust?  Then again, fans are already attached to newer characters like Eddie, Robin, and Murray, too.


    1. Does anyone know Nancy’s favorite song? When we left Nancy, she was in the clutches of the evil Vecna.  As we know, his spell can be broken by a person’s favorite song.  So does anyone know Nancy’s?Steve might . . . he used to be Nancy’s boyfriend.  Jonathan Byers is her current boyfriend, but he seems too far away geographically to get to her in time.There’s a fan theory that Robin will figure it out . . . because there’s a scene in the first part of the season where they’re in Nancy’s bedroom, and Robin looks at some cassettes on Nancy’s dresser.


    1. Will Papa double-cross Eleven? Even though he’s acting like a good guy now, dude is SHADY AF.


    1. Will Eleven gain new powers? Dr. Owens . . . played by Paul Reiser . . . suggested that Eleven would be even more powerful when she regained her powers.  Will she pick up any new talents . . . like flight, ESP, or the ability to put the USB charger in right side up on the first try?


    1. Will Eleven get revenge on mean girl Angela? Sure, she split her bully’s head open with a roller skate, and Dr. Owens promised to make that go away.  But the skating rink incident made Eleven the villain and Angela the victim. Eleven needs REAL revenge . . . something that makes Angela look like a complete idiot in front of the whole school, and redeems Eleven in the eyes of her classmates.  Or she could just forgive Angela.  But how fun is that?


    1. Does Will have a crush on Mike?  And what did Will paint for him?  It seems pretty likely that Will is gay . . . and it’s entirely possible he has a crush on Mike.  Will all be revealed before the end of the season?  Will we get to see the painting?