1 on 1 with Muni Long and The most expensive date Ever, or no?

    The Most Expensive date ever!?!?!?

    Expensive dates.. We’ve all had one…. Or two. Lol what the most expensive date you’ve ever been on?  I bet it was as high as Qashontae’s date… i’ve heard the phrase ten toes down but how about 10k up…  dating just got real in 22


    Give Me a minute and I’ll give ya the news, just NOT The headline News ~

    Pete Davidson says he’s been typecast as an idiot, Doctors often treat a prolapsed anus by pouring table sugar on it, Scientists are working on a drug that could help you live up to 200 years, and Yesterday, 17 members of the House of Representatives were arrested for protesting outside the Supreme Court.

    1 On 1 w/ Muni Long

    Muni Long is on the show to promote her latest single “Baby Boo”


    Ray Of Light with Comedian Ray Moore

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