Buffalo Sauce Lip Gloss & Snickers Seasoning… Is it overthinking???

    Summer Travel Hack ?!?!?

    Air travel is hellish right now. Flights are expensive, there are constant delays and cancellations, and airports are crowded af. As individuals, we don’t have much control over this unfortunate bouquet of inconveniences, so everyone is looking for ways to make summer travel easier


    Give Me a minute and I’ll give ya the news, just, NOT Headline News ~

    Hershey says it won’t meet Halloween demand this year. The Mega Millions winner has yet to be revealed, Experts say robots will rule the world by 2060, and Amber Heard sold her Yucca Valley, California home for $1,050,000


    Snickers Seasoning #OHMY

    A new seasoning blend that makes everything taste like SNICKERS is being rolled out to stores nationwide this month.


    Ray Of Light with Comedian Ray Moore

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    Buffalo Sauce Lip Gloss

    Move over, Kylie Jenner. Applebee’s has entered the lip gloss game with 4 four wearable shades that allegedly taste like the restaurant’s wing sauces.