Next Level Stalker or Genius?

    Next level Stalker or Genius?


    Nothing causes more anxiety than thinking your partner/significant other has a sneaky link.  You’ll go through a mental breakdown trying to orchestrate different ways of “catching them in the act of cheating.”  Will you snoop on their phone? Are they going out with their friends? Are they Really at work?  Maybe you try to check their social media to see if any new people popped up on their feed that might be distracting them? I know we’ve all got that call from a friend a time or two..  Or Maybe you go to the extreme and hire  P.I.?!?!  You’ll get results but..  PI’s can charge upwards of 200$ an hour, usually more.. .. But what if you could pay for them, in taco’s…


    Give Me a minute and I’ll give ya the news, just, NOT Headline News ~


    Iggy Azalea has come out of retirement, A paleontologist in New Mexico found mammoth bones in his yard, An OnlyFans model has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend to death, Travis Scott is selling tickets to a show in Vegas for $27,000 apiece



    Ray Of Light with Comedian Ray Moore

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    Pete Pops The Questions & Kim Checks out!!!


    Reports say it was age difference, others say it was Pete proposing prematurely, while others say it was Kim being a mom, and Pete being away a lot.  But now WE know for sure.