Black Restaurant Week, Karen Action Figures, & Snoop Loopz


    National Joke Day


    Today is National Tell a Joke Day.  I thought it would be the perfect time to have Alexa and Siri take each other on in a joke-off


    Give Me a minute and I’ll give ya the news, just, NOT Headline News ~


    Peloton announced plans to cut 800 jobs, President Biden’s approval rating is at a two-month high, Scientists say Earth is heading towards a sixth mass extinction, and Britney Spears hasn’t seen her kids in five months.


    Black Restaurant Week


    Martin from the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce stops in to talk about The 7th annual Black Restaurant Week! Celebrate the flavors of African American, African, and Caribbean cuisine while you discover Black-owned restaurants and culinary businesses in the Madison area. 


    Ray Of Light with Comedian Ray Moore

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    Karen Action Figures!?!?!?


    Who said only superheroes could have their own action figures?  The Karens of the world can rejoice as their difficult-to-digest persona now comes in the form of a toy.

    Snoop Loopz

    Snoop Dogg hits us with his own wholegrain breakfast. Think gluten-free Froot Loops, with “more corn, more flavor and more marshmallows