Dreams Are Simple, Redbull doesn’t give you wings, it gives you 10-20 & 12 Carat Tour Recap


    Redbull doesn’t give you wings, it gives you 10-20!

    When two suspects were caught stealing dozens of Red Bull cases from stores across Las Vegas, Nevada, one of them blamed a Red Bull addiction. Although energy drinks are marketed as enhancing energy and physical as well as cognitive performance, drinking them over time can seriously increase cardiovascular health issues.


    Give Me a minute and I’ll give ya the news, just, NOT Headline News ~

    Twenty-time grand slam champion Roger Federer is retiring from tennis, Researchers have linked ultra-processed foods to premature death, A Chick-fil-A worker stopped a thief from stealing a woman’s car with her baby inside, and Today is National Tattoo Story Day


    12 Carat Tour Recap

    The 4th Stop on the 12 Carat Tour with Post Malone and & Roddy Ricch – Milwaukee, WI.  The show was epic and Fusion & Ray recap the event.


    Ray Of Light with Comedian Ray Moore

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