Direct Deposit Dating, Does it really Stay In Vegas!?!?


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The NFL is updating their concussion protocol, Researchers say the benefits of colonoscopies may be overestimated, Gisele Bundchen has been seen visiting a spiritual healer recently, and The crash detection feature on the iPhone 14 is reportedly calling 911 when people take them on rollercoasters

Direct Deposit Dating!?!?

Imagine going on a date and hanging out until your direct deposit hits to pay the bill, talk about dedication!  The internet is going nuts, let’s talk it out – Controversial Content ft Joey Turner.

Ray Of Light with Comedian Ray Moore

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The Madison Black Chamber of Commerce

The Madison Black Chamber of Commerce’s goal is to support and empower Black business owners.  They do this by providing visibility, opportunities and resources to chamber members and believe that Black- owned businesses contribute significantly to the economic wellbeing of Madison and the Dane county community. Community & Culture : Inside Out w/ DJ Fusion