Bartender 608 [CCIO]


China Moon is the owner, operator and head intoxicologist of Bartender 608.  Bartender 608 is a highly sought after mobile intoxicologist service, with customers in the tri-state area: Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. When Bartender 608 first opened, mobile bartender service was not widely popular in the midwest.  Popular on the east and west coast, China noticed a need for mobile cocktail caterers in the midwest.. Fast forward 14 years and China has made a name for herself in this industry! Bartender 608 provides all-inclusive, stress-free drink service, including a customized drink menu, itemized supply list, glasses, bar, lighting, waitstaff, hosts, barbacks and more! 

China has noticed, in this male dominated industry, black women are underrepresented.  She takes a lot of pride in owning and operating her own business in the cocktail catering industry and wants people to know that Black women play major leadership roles in this industry.  Her customers know, and she wants potential customers to know,  that if they have questions all they need to do is ask.

To book China and her staff you can find her on social media, or her website is

Over the month of February, DJ Fusion will connect with unique, local, Black-owned businesses, each of whom will share a piece of Black history that is personal to them or something that may not have been taught, traditionally, in schools.

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