The Gossip Report – Big Blue Circle


What is happening on the BIG BLUE circle?

  1. Jalen Hurts reportedly signed a deal making him the highest-paid player in NFL history Jalen signed a 255M contract ensuring that 179M is guaranteed no doubt. 
  2. All 4 young victims killed at an Alabama Sweet 16 party have been identified, in addition to 15 other teens being shot as investigators scramble to find the assailant. We’ve had more than 160 Mass shootings in the USA in 2023. More than 4 ppl have had to be shot not including the shooter to be considered a MS. 
  3. Man threw $100 bills out of his car window, ‘gifted’ around $200,000 to Oregon motorists- when questioned by authorities he advised he wanted to give people money in Eugene, Oregon.

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