Stay Attached With Briarpatch

Serving the most vulnerable children and families in our community for over 50 years, Briarpatch Youth Services has teamed up with DJ Fusion to build a new community resource and awareness platform. #StayAttachedWithBriarPatch

In Dane County it is estimated approximately 300 youth go to bed homeless each night. 1 in 3 youth will be approached for sex in exchange for food, shelter, drugs, etc. within 48 hours of leaving home; 75% of these youth have already or will drop out of school. These are good kids in bad situations and they need our help. The staff at Briarpatch Youth Services work with these youth to make sure they have the resources and support they need in order to succeed.

For assistance regarding a youth in crisis
Call the 24-hour Help Line
608.251.1126 Or
Toll-Free 800.798.1126

Learn More About Briarpatch Programs

Restorative Justice Program is for youth who have received either a restorative justice referral from local law enforcement or went to their local municipal court for ordinance violations such as retail theft, damage to property, truancy, battery, or disorderly conduct. The Restorative Justice Program also hears status offenses such as citations issued for curfew violations and underage drinking tickets. If youth choose to participate in this process and complete their restorative justice agreement, they are successfully diverted from the juvenile justice system.

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The Teens Like Us Program (TLU) provides support and education for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth ages 13-18. Founded over 20 years ago, TLU provides a safe place for youth to meet with their peers. The group also serves youth questioning their sexuality as well as youth from LGBT – headed families.

It is well known by LGBTQIA2s+ allies, activists and scholars that providing trans youth with inclusion and affirmation is a risk prevention. As such, Briarpatch Youth Services fully supports protecting ALL LGBTQIA2s+ youth individuals, treating them with dignity and providing affirming spaces. For any LGBTQIA2s+ or questioning youth seeking support during these divisive times, Teens Like Us offers support.

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