ALYN Podcast: T-Rex Pisses Off Some Horses

A 26-year-old woman named Nicole Wells from West Ashley, South Carolina. You see its prank week in her sorority and she thought she had a great idea. I guess in Charleston they have horse drawn carriages that give tours of the city, well Nicole decided to dress up as a Tyrannosaurus Rex last week and scare the horses. A witness reported a roaring T-Rex running full tilt through the streets at some horses. And it worked.  The two horses freaked out and one of the carriage drivers was thrown onto the ground.  He wound up with a broken foot. At first the police had no leads because how could they ID a person dressed a a dinosaur. Luckily Nicole turned herself in to the cops on Friday.  She was cited for disorderly conduct and wearing a mask or disguise on a public street . . . but she could be looking at more charges for animal cruelty coming soon.


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