At Least You’re Not In The News: Podcast

A 27-year-old woman named Sabra Bewley of Sparks, Nevada was apparently high on MDMA on Saturday . . . and driving the wrong way down the highway.
 Someone called the cops, and when they got there, they found Sabra had driven her car off the road, onto a hill . . . and she’d gotten out to DANCE on the roof.
 But once the cops started approaching, she tried to get away.  Not in her car . . . no, that would’ve made too much sense . . . she tried to get away on a child’s scooter.
 The cops quickly caught up with her and arrested her.  She was hit with several charges, including drug-related DUI, possession of a controlled substance, and destruction of property.
-An 18-year-old guy named Ruben Hughes from Clearwater, Florida got a message from his girlfriend on Saturday night . . . she wanted him to come over for a BOOTY CALL.  Or, as the police report put it, quote, “[Ruben] was trying to meet his girlfriend for relations.”
 Anyway, she didn’t have to ask HIM twice . . . he hopped in his Honda Accord and started speeding to her house.
 But he was SO focused on his mission that he didn’t notice the cop behind him who was trying to pull him over.  And as Ruben kept speeding toward his girlfriend, he inadvertently started a high-speed chase.
 Some other cops joined in, and Ruben FINALLY noticed them and pulled over.  Even when he told them WHY he was speeding, they didn’t take any pity on him . . . he was arrested for felony fleeing and eluding and spent 16 hours in jail.