At Least You’re Not In The News Podcast: Hulk Hands Busted

A 19-year-old guy named Tyler Tyson and his 18-year-old friend Owen Lardizzone were at a Taco Bell drive-thru in Stuart, Florida last month. And after they paid, they were asked to pull up and park while they waited for their food, so they didn’t hold up the line.  But they refused, and said they didn’t CARE about all the cars behind them.  Everyone else could just wait.
 It’s not clear how much food they ordered, but they ended up arguing with one of the people behind them.  And someone called the cops. When police got there, the people in the other car were gone.  But Tyler and Owen were still walking around the parking lot yelling obscenities at people. The cops arrested them for disturbing the peace.  Apparently it was for their parking lot antics.  But you could make a case for why just holding up the line should count too. Owen was also charged with resisting arrest.  And it turned out their car had a bogus license plate, so they could be facing a fine.
A 33-year-old guy named Ariel Contreras broke into a car in Pasco, Washington around 1:30 A.M. on Monday.  Someone spotted him and confronted him, so he ran, but he left something behind. Ariel didn’t want to leave any fingerprints so he wore gloves, and when I say gloves I of course mean a big pair of hulk hands. He ran away so fast that he left his hulk hands in the car.And yes, the person who owned the car confirmed that the Hulk hands were NOT there before the robbery, so Ariel definitely left them in there. Anyway, the cops tracked him down a few blocks away and he was arrested for vehicle prowling and possession of stolen property.