Madtown Mom Squad Podcast: A Mother’s Intuition Of Child Abuse Led To Putting The Abuser Away

@madtownmomsquad talking #childabuseawareness Thank You to Sarah Deischer & her beautiful daughter @sydneydeischer for sharing their story this morning???????? Sarah shared her story about when her daughter Sydney was a baby and how she ended up being abused by a woman whom she trusted to care for her. Sarah trusted her gut and knew something was very wrong with her child. Trusting her gut ended up winning the fight of her life. She fought to put her daughter’s abuser away and WON! Listen to this courageous mother’s story or on the @madtownmomsquad Facebook page❤️@sydneydeischer is now a senior in high school and going off to college. Xoxo @corrina_crade @dmbfan01 @drjasminezapata & @trayrenee76