Missed Connections Podcast: 21 really sexual pilots

Women for Men- 21 really sexual pilots

My friend dragged me to the concert, she LOVES 21 pilots, I myself was skeptical. Little did I know that going would change my whole perspective on sex forever? I want to thank you for that, in the only way that counts honey buns. You approached me and told me how hot I was. I thanked you and you asked if I like 21 Pilots, I told you that you were an idiot and that I was dragged here. You looked offended and said “Sorry I said Hi”. We argued for a bit, I was getting so mad.  I guess something snapped in me because I grabbed your arm and dragged you to my car and we screwed our brains out. I have never had hate sex before but man was it amazing. I felt all the days’ anxiety wash away. You changed my life and I just want you to be aware. Thanks again.



Marco-M4W- To the Chunky Blonde Women staring me down

I sae you staring at me from afar. You were hurting; I could see that you had been crying. I came to Missed Connections hoping you would find me. I know your pain because I hurt too. You looked like you were eating lunch with your mother, which is weird because so was I. You looked like you wanted to say something to me. Shyness got the better of me and I did not approach you. The look on your face said “I need to vent”. Well baby let me tell you, I would happily be your vent. (Sexually is what I mean, if you are still confused.) You had on a pink top. You had your coat on originally, but after you saw me you took off your coat to show off your rockin bod. I hope to see you again, I would let you vent to me all night long.