Missed Connections Podcast: 4th Meal & Wet Produce

You were sitting alone at T-Bell today. I wanted to say something to you but I didn’t want to disturb your delicious lunch.
I’d really like to take you out to dinner. That way after were done “exercising” we can go to your favorite place where I first laid eyes on that cute face. And grab some 4th meal. Maybe with some extra nacho cheese. We need that for later. wink wink. I hope your not lactose in tolerant. I’m going to make it rain cheese. All over your room. OH and don’t forget the hot sauce.
You were the attractive smoking hot dad buying produce at the Pick N Save last Friday night. You didn’t have a wedding ring. I noticed as I saw you drop your fresh produce in the melted ice puddles outsides. I tried chasing after you with that wet zucchini. To  no avail. You drove off as I cried “YOU FORGOT YOUR PRODUCE” I just want you to stay healthy and keep rocking that body. Maybe I can cook you a nice meal and feed you some home grown veggies. wink wink.
Let me know if your missing a Zucchini i’ll know it’s you.