Missed Connections Podcast: Airbags & Coffee Maniac

M: Men for Women: Gorgeous airbags
Man all I can think about today is playing with your body. I was driving next to you on the beltline this past saturday. You were riding with some guy, if it was your boyfriend then let me assure you that you can definitely do better. The guy looks like a toilet learned how to talk. I’d love to talk about your beautiful face but I never even saw it because you were changing shirts when I was looking into your car and lets just say if that car crashed you wouldn’t have to worry about airbags!!! I mean I didn’t even know they made bras that could fit bowling balls. I joke, but seriously your the hottest girl in Madison and you should be with a guy who knows how to appreciate that sweet body. So please find this and send me a face pic, if you could wear that same bra too so I know its you thats cool. I hope your face is as good as your boobs, I’d hate for you to be a butterface, but even if you are its not like I am ever going to look at your face anyway.
K: Women for Men:  My Coffee Covered Maniac
I feel really bad for laughing at you, but you kinda had it coming. I saw you at the dunkin donuts on park street yesterday, I was the girl walking out of the store with my dozen sorted. I saw you walking to you car and I thought you were pretty hot. You certainly dress well and have a nice head of hair. So far so good but what really grabbed me was when you put your coffee on top of your car and then forgot about it. I tried to tell you about it by piting at your roof. I have no idea why your response was to flip me off but it was satisfying when your coffee spilled all over your windshield. Still, even though you totally deserved it I still feel bad for laughing at you. Can I make it up to you, your not half bad looking. Maybe I can buy you a coffee? And if I don;t like you I can just throw it on your car again.